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15yr Old Lights Up Home Invaders with AR 15





If your chosen vocation is "burglar", maybe Texas isn't the place you want to be...


That is awesome on so many levels. Incidentally, I need to watch the local news more.


Awesome ..good for that boy. He is a hero.


all ya'll, learn it.


I wonder how these guys will manage to patch themselves up? I mean, .223 shot pretty close should make for some nasty wounds?




they went to the hospital. they are in custody.


Wow,thats just fucking dumb. Thank God for the man that created the Castle Doctrine.


I wonder how traumatic that will really be for the boy. I've read that people who freeze in a crisis are more likely to feel guilt and anxiety than people who spring to action but lighting somebody up in your own home could be hard to get away from.


Well, it sounds like he didn't kill anyone, so that's good.


Why would he feel any guilt or anxiety? That kid is a hero in the eyes of the community. He did the right thing and I know for sure that the police,his neighbors,and especially his little sister wants him to know it too.


The trauma thing is a highly individual as well as cultural thing.
bad luck is that in the western world, shrinks all over the place will try to make him realize what a terrible thing he's done. There might be a law that requires him to see one. In Germany, that would most certainly be the case.
We really have developed a culture that fetishizes psychological trauma.


If the boy had the balls to do what he did, he'll probably end up handling it all right. Not saying he won't have problems for a while -- nightmares will probably be common for a bit, as will jumpiness -- but it'll eventually work out in his mind. Then will come the immense satisfaction that he protected his sister's life and his family's properly from scum, and the knowledge that he can do what is necessary when it comes down to it.

That said, I know kid who just joined the Marines, he slept with a gun under his bed every night and I have no doubt that he could have put a bullet between a man's eyes at 15 and paused to finish breakfast before calling the cherry tops.


Sure do, but unless it hits the bone (in which case you're always fucked), they enter and exit more cleanly than, say, a .45 which will rip you wide open.


F_in' Great!



Another reason I stay here in Texas, no state income tax and we can shot people who come on our property.


good stuff


At first I was afraid this would be some sort of clusterf-ck about the kid getting so many years in juvie. Good for him.