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15yo Girl Beat Down, Security Just Watches


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That's piss poor .. all "innocent" bystanders in the immediate vecinity should be ashamed of themselves


With being outnumbered and unarmed you really don't know who has a concealed weapon. That bitch was crazy in that she stomped and kicked the downed girl in the head repeatedly. However, I'm glad they are being charged.


The worst part is she was winning and had that other broad running away, and then she slipped and that chick started stomping her head. Those security guards should be fired immediately.


Fucking pathetic.


"yo dawwwwwg................think we should call an ambulance?......

nah....she ite..


Apparently,she was under Pride Rules so it was legal.


WOW. Wtf? Those guards should be charged as well. What the fuck has this world come to?


Did you not even read the article to why they did not intervene?


So what exactly is the purpose of the gurads then? You could hire 1 dude to watch 20 security feeds and call 911 if shit went down. Instead in the view of just 1 feed you have what 3 guards? Brilliant use of funds there. I'm not saying the guards are fuckheads if they were "Instructed" not to get involved, but then again, what the hell exactly is the job description then? Please wear these green vests and stand around and chit chat with eachother for 8 hours per day.



Exactly! Shit, there's three of them for fucks sake! And the assailant was a girl.... Seriously, they are GUARDS who are supposed to GUARD the fucking station. If someone snatched a lady's purse and the thief is running the guards' way, would they not even at least try to trip the motherfucker?

They were standing there smoking cigarettes. And outnumbered my ass. There were "four" suspects and one of them was a crazy bitch. Tell me you atleast felt sorry for the victim....


Seriously. Paying "security guards" to not intervene is like paying your garbage man to kick your trashcan over. It's pretty much the exact opposite of what you expect. Whatever happens, that girl that stomped the other needs to catch perpetual beatings in juvy.


Those guards should get their ass kicked in public for just standing there.

Really pathetic that they did not step in and stop the fight.


WTF is going on with our world man.


Those guards should get their ass kicked in public for just standing there.

Really pathetic that they did not step in and stop the fight.


They did nothing and yes they should be ashamed of themselves...the worst thing about it though is that they were probably afraid of being sued if they did anything to intervene.


Guys don't get me wrong I do feel bad for her and I probably would have stepped in if I were a guard regardless if I were told not to. She fucking stomped her and kicked her in the head while she was down in the fetal position not attempting to fight back! That's what boggles my mind and I would have done something. Call it E-toughness or whatever. But to charge with the guards for what tho? They did what they were told to do.

Since this has been brought to light I'm sure that is about to change on what they can and cannot do with situations like this.


Haha I lol'd.

In fact, My pipes are NOT leaking right now, perhaps it's time to give my plumber a call. Right? Hey-Oh!



This is true. Normally more cops on the street means less crime, but if everyone knows the cops won't do anything...


Those guards could have easily ended the situation when they were still just yelling at each other, they could have stopped it when the girl fell, and they could have stopped the last 2 kicks to the face when she came running back in a second time. Fucking people suck.