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15mL Black Label

Source said that Black Label only sells there vials in 15mL. Which is not too good since I wanted 20mL.

Anyhow, I was wondering if this is true. Anyone use their stuff before to confirm that this is true? Thanks.

I believe so, what is the difference between 15-20mls, just need to purchase enough to cover your cycle. Ask how long he has had that vial cause I believe BL closed shop and has not yet reopened.

Johnny Walker got into roids?

I’ve used his stuff before and I noticed I only got maybe 11 or 12 mls. out of the bottles I was sent. His stuff is good just be warned you may not be getting a full 15 ml.

Which did you receive? Also was the price worth it? I noticed BL’s is more expensive than others. If I am only going to get 80% of what I am paying I should probably look somewhere else.


I used the prop/phenylprop combo T-200 I believe its called. Yeah I mean its potent stuff and its sent domestically, I just noticed that my schedule was almost compromised when I had two weeks to go until a competition and I was out! Figure I paid $125 for 11 or 12 cc’s each, that’s not great but live and learn I guess.