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155lbs MMA Star Genki Sudo vs 300+lbs Boxer


Butterbean isnt a legit boxer, but he is a legit toughman competitor.

Because the gap between fighters skillset is narrowing, its rare to see open weight fights like these anymore.


Good post.That was some funny crap.


Hopefully, with the UFC bringing back the 155 division we get to see more of Sudo. Very entertaining fighter.


Butterbean's been fighting more MMA recently. There was an interesting fight from the Gracie event (Gracie Fighting Championship, IIRC) where Butterbean's opponent thought he could pull guard and try for an armbar.

Thinking that you could pull guard on a 400# man and not get stacked shows...lack of thinking at the least. That was painful to watch.


Well, Pride FC is holding an Open Weight Grand Prix this year.

Of course, I suspect it will be pretty much limited to the the guys who are 205 pounds and over. I doubt we'll see a guy like Gomi or even Dan Henderson try their luck against the big boys. For that matter, I suspect better than half of the field will come from the HW class. They'll probably throw in a couple of mid-card 183 pounders and some quality 205 pounders, but the rest will be the big boys. They might even throw in a couple of unskilled freakshow HW's (Zulu, Giant Silva) just so the little guys can claim an opening round win.

Regardless, as long as we get a chance to see some Hammerhouse versus Chute Box matchups, I'll be happy. They'll probably set up the bracket so we see a Coleman-Silva match in round two.


That Butterbean guy was on Jackass with Knoxville where they go into a sporting goods store and start boxing, he KO'd Knoxville in one hit.


Good example of a skilled little fighter beating an unskilled big fat guy.

He ran, ran and ran some more until Butterbean was tired (and Butterbean hardly moved.)

Does Butterbean do any conditioning work at all?


Butterbean is not an unskilled big fat guy.

Dont try to belittle him when you clearly dont know a thing about him.


He is unskilled when compared to a fighter like Sudo, especially you when consider the full gamut of skills one must have in MMA. Butterbean is a mediocre technical boxer with limited athleticism & conditioning who gets by based on his mass and power alone.


Butterbean didn't look tired to me. He looked about the same as he did at the beginning of the match. The problem seemed to be that Butterbean has no ground game at all.


That was pretty funny


Why's the skinny dude wearing a diaper?


I never said that he was highly skilled.

I fully acknowledge that he was never or will never be ranked top ten on any boxing or mma ranking list.

That being said, he is not unskilled.

The man is still more skilled and competent as a striker than your local boxers, bouncers and toughguys.

And because if this it makes the fight competitive and interesting.

No one wants to see a massacre. Thats why we'll never see Genki vs Fedor, or ButterBean vs Fedor.

There's no point to those matchups.


The fight looks like a work to me. I think Sudo could win, but Butterbean seemed to be holding back and I find it hard to believe that he couldn't do any damage at all to Sudo.


ahem Zuluzinho vs. Fedor.

'zuinho and Butterbean have essentially the same record.

That was also Butterbean's first MMA fight.


Butterbean is an unskilled big fat guy.



And was there a point to Zuluzinho vs. Fedor?


Not to mention that Butterbean has been in combat sports for much longer than Zulu Jr.

Just not in MMA.


Why do some people call it a work as soon as a fight goes different than one would assume? It's exactly the same as when people judge big guys as steroid users.


I have seen about 10 Butterbean fights. I have yet to see any skill.

He can take a punch and he hits hard.

My 4 year old has better mat skills.