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155 lbs Squat Form Check 175lb M

Light weight but I NEED to get my form down. I posted a vid a month ago and tried to work on keeping the weight more on my heels so I don’t lean forward…thoughts?

From the angle that looks pretty OK to me. It also looks way easy for that many reps at what I’m guessing is 88% of yout max (based on the thread title).

From what I can see you have a fairly narrow stance and high bar placement, and your technique for that is fine. The only thing I can’t quite see is how far beyond parallel you’re doing and whether you get much butt-wink (pelvis tilting forward as you squat deep).

If you’re looking to simply move more weight I’d suggest lowering the bar and setting your stance wider, although that will cause you to lean forward more (which isn’t an issue, just part of low-bar squatting, and will depend on how far lower you place the bar).

The good points I could see were: no back rounding, elbows stayed nice and forward (as far as I could tell), your trunk stayed in basically the same position so you didn’t come too far forward, and the reps all looked pretty similar.

If you feel like you’re struggling to stay upright stuff like heavy dead lifts (which you should be doing anyway), pause squats with the pause in the hole and focus on staying upright (front squats are a good option for this too if you can do them comfortably), back extensions, good mornings and reverse hypers (if you’ve got access to one) will help. Along with more squats.