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154lb Female Squats 613lbs


Simply amazing. She makes it look easy.



Now that's a BEAST if I've ever seen one!


She can barely walk.. is that the knee wrap, or the suit, or her legs!


OK I suck :slight_smile:

thats damn fine work



fuck. time to ramp up my program

Awesome lift though, she is pretty good looking also =].


just wanted to add i heard she benced 170kg and dl 252.5 in same meet

this is nuts, men at that weight would love for those lifts. -single ply only-


Beautiful squat.. damn near put a tear in my eye.


thats some crazy shit there.

and she even looks like a female to.



I am incredibly impressed.


Incredible. How much is she likely to get out of the gear.
Belts, knee wraps and suit. 100lb? less , more.
Fairly attractive too, she looks like a women.


'Kin 'ell!


I shed a tear and I'm man enough to admit it...


Are you implying that I am not a man Mr.?


I give this thread 12 minutes before it goes the way of the 1036 lb bench press thread.


Hopefully not, it's the squat so there's no huge egos wrapped around it.

The woman is amazing and no question about depth on that one. Looking at my logbook I need to get stronger ha.


No, just saying it was such a beautiful squat that I actually shed a single, solitary tear...


Amazing. Strong and deep. Strong, strong lady.


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Fucking Badass


Bloody amazing!!!