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152kg Thruster


did some of these crazy thrusters i been hearin about.

any thoughts on these. this one almost got away from me


Strong as hell.

Now lets wait for that one troll (edit: GqArtguy) to show up and tell you that doing this is worthless for O Lifting because it isn't the exact same motor pattern as the C&J or snatch. =P


You sir are a beast.


I can assure you, GqArtguy is not a troll


There was no need for the comment.

GqArtguy isn't a troll mate.

blackbeard, strong mate. I'd probably strugle to do 100kg.




Really? I wouldn't say this is absolutely worthless for o-lifting, but if you were coaching someone to be a good o-lifter would you really put this in their program?

Now, having said that, given this man's posting history thus far (and the fact that he's an ex-strongman, I believe) this reeks of "hey, that looks cool, wonder how much weight I can do that with." Which is fine. It's cool seeing this type of stuff (like the 2/3-ish backflip he posted as well) but I'm more interested in knowing how you're coming along with the classical lifts. I want to see more videos of you snatching and cleaning and jerking from the front (how's that squat jerk coming?).

Now if I thought that you were actually doing this as a serious part of your program thinking that this exercise was going to put kg on your classical lifts I'd call you an idiot. But I don't think that's what you're doing. It's obvious you've got some serious strength, but I know that I (and probably others here too) would like to see more of you transferring that strength to the o-lifts. After all, that's what this particular forum is supposed to be about, isn't it?


For me the most impressive thing is a huge Jerk. Why? Because I know how tough it is to put 150+ over head properly, iIt's f0cking dogs b0ll0cks hard to put a sh!t tonne over head. 165-175+ and your well on your way imo. 165 is BAD ASS, 2 red plates and a blue plate :D, the yellows don't cut have the same badass thickness as the 20's and 25's!



Very strong, but technically not a thruster. A thruster is a front squat into push press, not back squat.

Still beastly, I can't do it!!