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150g of Creatine in One Day


Hyphothetically, what would happen if one were to ingest this amnount of creatine in one day? Or; has anyone had any ER visits due to any supplements? Just out of curiosity. Please don't give pissy responses it's a serious question/


Speaking of urine, my guess is you'd just piss the excess out. Although you might suffer some gastric distress first.


Yea, im goin with peeing most of it out.


What about electrolyte imbalances?


If you ingest that much in powder, then you will shit like you've never shit before. I've put too much creatine in my drink at one time and less than 5 minutes later very bad things were happening........


x2 when i first started creatine at 18 I misread the recommendations. I pissed water out my butt


Hope you have a comfortable toilet seat.

BTW, what would happen if I ate 15 pounds of carrots in one day. I'm not necessarily going to do this. I just want to know.


That's what I was going to say. You'll piss it out...but not in the way you think you will. Unpleasantries.


What if you boiled it down like crack and injected it intraveniously?

What if I stuck my 5 grams up my arse, would I absorb it faster?

What if I snorted it?

Your that guy.


Fixed that for you.


According to several research articles i have read you will most likely pass most of it through your urine. And like others have mentioned you will most likely have some very unpleasant experiences on the toilet. Well, if you can make it to the toilet. :slight_smile:



You'd get hyoooooge. Like Brad Pitt in fight club.


How the hell would u get 150grams of creatine in a day? Thats 30 servings! Even if you screwed up and were using Tablespoons, instead of Teaspoons... thats still 10 tablespoons!! It'll probably feel like pissin a kidney stone. lmao.


you'd turn into one of course....you are what you eat. DUH :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Seriously OP I'm not pissy but WTF why would you do that? If the answer is that you wouldnt, then why would you ask the question? scratches head



had 40 grams either side of training once when my girlfriend made up my workout drinks and used the protein scoop instead of the 5g scoop. wasn't pleasant but nothing too major. seem to remember a lot of wind and it didn't smell too good.


I guess I always thought it could be deadly. That's why I questioned Electrolyte balance too.


i have to shit regardless of how much creatine i have... its weird... even later on in the day/night my stomach gets all iffy like


too much water is deadly. Electrolyte balance is crucial. If you look at potassium for example, too much or too little of it and you can go into cardiac arrest.

planning on takin some poor weight lifter out eh? I'd just trap em under they bar, or shank em prison style while their benching...but thats just me. LOL JK



Dude, all steroids increase it's efficacy as the dose increases.

Anyone know the LRLD of creatine? lol