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1500 Total Test, 105 E2, .25 Arimidex 3x/wk?

I went and ran some bloods after I started to trick myself into thinking I was getting gyno. I didn’t notice many sides just erect nipples most of the day. Which of course got sensitive, probably from me paying hyper focus to them, additionally a little sensitive.

I had NOT been running an AI, as with low dose test I didn’t think I would react this way, and haven’t in the past. Well the bloods put me over 1500 total test and E2 was 105.

I started .25 arimedx 3 times a week, should this be sufficent to lower my E2 without crashing me?

Why would you want to lower your E2? It is substantially high like your test. Its supposed to go up with T goes up.

You even admitted that you have zero actual side effects from high E2. Also, how long have you been on TRT?

If you recently started TRT, you should know your body is going through hormone fluctuations and it’s perfectly normal for nipples to become a little sensitive during the first 6 weeks.

You are posting in T replacement (TRT) I assume you will be injecting year round?
You can’t run 1500 year round. If you are not blasting I’d stop the AI all together and cut your T dose in half. Wait 5 weeks and do another mini blood test. TT/FT/E2/ prolactin/ HCT/ SHGB
Knowing those two point you should be able to get dialed pretty fast.
Best of luck.

Oh, if you are blasting take your AI for 1 week and stop there is nothing wrong with 1500/105 for the 10-12 weeks you will blast. Your E2 and prolactin has to be over range for a year or more to get real gyno(grow mammary gland tissue under your nipples). You probably just have sore nipples and water weight very common.

I had perky sensitive nipples for weeks and now it barely shows itself. Sometimes it comes back after my shot for a couple hours then it’s gone.