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150-200iu HGH


This post is about HGH use for injury repair.

Some generic info about me.

The problems:
I have a lot of scar tissue in both shoulders and the infraspinatus is pretty fucked up. My shoulders joints are generally pretty bad. My back has been very bad for the last 5 years after a disc injury in a car accident. My knees and ankles are all right but sometimes flare up with old injuries from when I played soccer and wrestling.

Age 23 - yes I am young but note that my body has taken a lot of beating playing various sports, lifting, working very heavy manual labor since I was 12 and from 2 car accidents. (no I was not driving! just bad luck)
I now weigh about 100kg but I could probably loose a lot of bodyfat, although I am not very fat. (So fat loss would be a nice bonus but not important for me)
Height is 179cm.
Sumo Deadlift 140kg x4 is the highest my back allows me to lift.
Front squat 100kg x3.
Pull-ups. bw(100kg) x11.
Pressing strength is not great but i have push pressed 80kg (hurts a lot) and a 65 kg natural stone.

I have done physical therapy for many years and i want to supplement it.

I have read a lot about HGH in the last months and I have decided to start using it.
My question is this : Which of these protocols would be better to help my joints.

2 iu EOD subq (would last for close to 6 months)


2 iu EOD IM (would last for close to 6 months)


BBB's IV protocol (10IU E3D)
- I think that would last for 90 days.

or maybe
3 iu EOD? IM or Subq?

I would also like to add that i just started my first AAS cycle and I am using 600mg Test E per week and have PCT on hand and ready. Taking silymarin and vitamin E to supplement it and ofc. eating a lot. I am also using natural estrogen blockers and have letro and nolvadex on hand. I plan on using a standard nolvadex only pct. (40,40,20,20)

You can judge me all you want for being too young to start AAS but I have been trying to heal my back for a very long time and it has come to the point were I am willing to do anything to fix it.


English is my third language so bear with me.
Looking forward to your answers.


Im in the same boat as you, wrecked shoulders, and back from car accident. Ive done 12 months of physio and have had no pain relief since the accident.

realistically, I should not be lifting heavy weights ever again due to my injuries... But fuck it, I will continue lifting until I physically cannot move my joints anymore.

You will want to add some deca in your cycle for your joints brah. Also, you will want to look into adequan, it give me substantial joint relief and antiinflammatory effects. The hgh should help your joints a bit, but dont expect much...