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15 Yrs Prison for Taping Chicago Police





I think this is proof that if you willingly live in Chicago, you're a stupid motherfucker.



Without proof to prove police brutality, people wont prove it. And the comic will become even more true.


That looks pretty shitty. Wasn't there some group that was all about "actively" videotaping police to prevent abuse... "copwatch" or some such name?


Yeah, copwatch is correct.

Welcome to 1930's Germany.


Fuck Chicago. Fuck the police.


This is absolutely alarming. As citizens, we need to stand up to this tyranny (yes, tyranny) and shut down laws like this. Why do they need protecting. Why are they afraid of transparency? This is a fucking disgrace and the people of IL and other States with similar laws need to stand the hell up and demand their legislators repeal these laws that serve no good purpose.


"I'll be seeing all of you soon on the streets of Chicago!"


That pisses me off. We are in fucking North America. This aint Africa or the Arab world or whatever other shitty place. Today is the first day news make me so angry. This and the fucking mafia dictator of tunisia being a refugee in Montreal. What am I waiting to go kick his ass out.


Thoughts... absolutely ridiculous.. I don't know how people actually let stuff like this stand.. things like these are what make me love austin texas that much more.. you just get the best of both worlds and never have any problems lol..


They also have incredibly fucked up gun laws :P.. I'm all for gun control but I also like my guns.. so quit trying to get rid of them :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't think we honestly could expect anything different from Chicago its a shit hole




This is part of the problem across the board, IMO... Saying something like "Fuck the police." does a real disservice to the actual honest cops who are out there. There are some really horrible people out there, some of them wear badges. There are also some really good people out there, and some of them also wear badges.

Now there are certain places, like Chicago it seems, where there is a relatively low amount of oversight of the police and bad cops corrupt cops who don't stand up to it and the problem grows and gets out of control. IMO, cops need harsher punishments when they are found to be off the good path.

The problem is, the anti-police sentiment affects the good cops more than the bad ones. Bad cops just get angry at the sentiment and it makes them more prone to violence. Good cops get afraid of being reported on a bullshit charge that ends their career.


Just another totally corrupt Chicago institution trying to cover their morally bankrupt asses.

Think they've got a lot to hide? I think so.

see: John Burge



'He complains that citizens monitoring police activities for wrongdoing might "affect how an officer does his job on the street."'

What, you mean they might have to start doing their jobs with ethics and character?


I find it ridiculous.

Could someone cleverer than me please be the Devils advocate and try and defend this?


They might actually be held ACCOUNTABLE.... and we certainly can't have that.

But, to be fair, you can't blame all Police. You can, however, blame every single POS that lobbied for the bill, POS kleptocrat in Springfield that voted for it, and every small dick cop that makes himself feel big by enforcing it.


A person might film the police and remove a small scene from its context and create a public outcry over a decontextualized beating as opposed to a contextualized beating.

Also it would be an opportunity for evil doers to gain insight into law enforcement tactics that allow them to get the jump on the police.

Utter horseshit all of it.


There is just so many good images for this.

As to whether anti police brutality hurts the efforts of good cops, why should it? They can do good by society, and if they get fired for a trumped up corrupt charge, then they went out doing the right thing.

When the system seems to require one to be corrupt to survive, theres a serious problem with the system.