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15 Yr Old Girl Sells Her Stepsister


Since we are talking about 15 yr old girls lately...

I noticed threads about how young a person should you have sex with, or the metal capacity to withstand bullying of teenagers. Here is a clip that might help put some perspective on the lives of some.



I saw this on the news and literally felt sick to my stomach.


That is fucking horrific.Absolutely disgusting.I hope the bitch gets put down.


For those not willing to read, a 15 year old girl sold (sex) 7 year old step sister to ~ 7 men at a party.


We don't agree on much, but we agree here. I'm not sure someone like that is even worth trying to fix, I don't give 2 flying fucks how old she is.


if it's allowed in that state, this is a perfect case for a child to be certified as an adult and punished as such.


Pics or it didn't happen....

JK..thats fucking horrible


wtf, if it was just herself it's one thing.

But, fucking 7 years old sister.


Holy jesusballs. I really hope that little girl makes as good a mental recovery as possible for her. What type of fucked up individual would do this...?


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90% of the blame here lies with the men that PAID TO HAVE SEX WITH A FUCKING 7 YEAR OLD CHILD.


I'm more disgusted with the men who had sex with a 7 year old.


Jesus fucking christ


Along with the guys that took part. They all need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.



Once they hit jail, if caught that is ( which they will be), their prison cellmates will make them wish they were dead, that's for sure.


What the fuck?

They should lock her (15yo) up, along with the 7 guys AND every fucker at that party. I mean how could you let that happen?


Only time I will probably ever agree with you. This is sick.


I'm really think we should bury people like this, I didn't say kill them just bury them alive. Worthless fucks!


Sounds right to me.


This shit makes me sick. I can't even imagine what must be going on in that home right now, one parent's child just participated in the prostitution and rape of the other parent's child since they're stepsisters. That's going to be ugly.

I hope the little girl gets some help and makes it through this.