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15 Yr Old Before 2 Month Blitz


Age 15
Weight 155-160
Height 5'9

Basically These are going to be my pictures of how I looked before my schools summer break (2 months) and than I ll post the after pictures.. Im super sorry that My pictures arent great quality but thats not my greatest priority. All I have is accsess to an old phone and computer webcam so dont be to harsh.

and if any one wants to know my lifting stats please ask or visit my training log.

First up is a picture of the WHEELS!?


Alright now time for the back my favourite body part


Now heres where the quality isnt so great for a most muscular pic.. sorry hides all the striated portions and ab definition . I ll promise to get better AFTER pictures theres are the befores remeber. and just look at my display picture for a better chest shot I wont bother posting that up.


Front bicep


last and least a final picture of the back sorry again for the bad quality


2 month blitz of what?


What's the point of posting 'before' pics in this forum? Since you consider them 'befores' they clearly aren't the finished product. Maybe you should have made this thread in a few months.


the point is so experts here can tell me where to mostly focus on than I can have better after pictures and a clearly finished product. sorry If I didnt state that earlier


mix of programs like blast your bench and 5x5 I didnt want to make it to detailed till after the final piictures .


Excellent potential. Now add size at least till you hit 21.

And yes, you are a good candidate for "bulking up a bit" (as long as you don't get carried away) especially if that was you deadlifting 300 pounds at 13 or so.

Its early to tell at your age, but your structure reveals that you "may" have a harder time building delts, so try to throw in some overhead pressing if you feel like it.


Very good frame.

Don't hold yourself back by being skimpy with meals.

Your lats instert terribly high so make sure to include one movement that focuses on the lower lats. But at your age you do not have to worry about prioritizing any one muscle group in particular. Your whole body is a priority at this point.


I ve learned my lesson from bulking up dirty... Stupid BB forums at bodybuilding.com those fools told me to "dirty bulk". I was up to 180 and looking basically the same size I am here without visible abs. What a waste!

Tribunal dude - your right on the delts! Ive never felt my shoulders sore. never they ve improved and gotten bigger over time but there the main focus for me I even put in a super shoulder day as part of my routine. along with overhead pressing like military press is there anyother exersizes that may help development of delts besides raises and upright rows.

Bonez - You too are very right on the lats , They grow fast but they look very high , my wrestler friends lats start from the hips and mine just look demented. For focusing on my lower lats I've tryed applying close grip for lat pull downs and pulls up should I add more ?

Thanks for the criqitue finally Some solid advice and not crap from bodybuilding.com

btw bonez your upper back looks awesome!


Well there isn't anything you can do about the attachments. That just genetic. But you can do a few things to put some extra stress on the lower region of the lats.

Couple things I like to use:

Neutral close grip pulldowns. Bring the V-handle or whatever its called straight down. Not so much into the chest but more towards the floor. Pull through the elbows not with your biceps.

Supinated bent over rows. 45 degree angle at the hips. Pull to the bellybutton. Minimize using momentum until you develop a strong mind/muscle connection in the spot youre targeting.

Supinated seated rows with a straight bar. Hands a bit more than shoulder width and pull to just above the hips.

Getting a good stretch at the top of the movement and a good contraction at the bottom are the two most important things when working the back. Half reps will give half the results.


Very good for 15 dude, That's basically what i looked like when i was 15, now i'm 16 so hopefully you'll listen to the guys on here and get bigger than me, i'm posting it as a competition...


I'm certainly no expert but the Javorek Complex done with the right amount of weight never fails to leave my delts sore.


oh. well you have a good frame to build with. stuck to the basic heavy movements.


Its on We ll make a seperate thread for it and keep motivating eachother with vids and pics updated evry few months or somethings. Thanks and I know you dont mean "hopefully get bigger than me" I 'll let you take that one back.