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15 Yr Old 181.5kg Bench Press


Ralf Male is 15 years old, and recently did a 181.5kg bench press (single ply) in an IPF meet, and set a new norwegian national bench press record for his age class.

Imagine what he can lift in a few years time provided he keeps it up! What a talent, he's still a kid!


Can´t be weak if your Sirname is MALE! LOL


Nice. The last bench went up like an opener.


Absolutely amazing. Anybody else feel like a pussy?


Very impressive.

Squat and deadlift leave much to be desired, but he is still very young.


how much would a single ply add to his lift? wow he also did 100kgs at 13, unshirted... Crazy stuff. I was so happy because i did 3 triples of 140 today, now i feel weak as:(.


man, what kinda program is this guy doing ?
any one ?


Probably Dietmar.


With the help of google translator, here is a norwegian interview with the young talent (translated to english):



hey guys, I'm Ralf Male.
I'm training a program my father gave me.
My squat and deadlift sucks at the time because of an ijurie in my foot.
But thanks anyways ^^


Nice job! (I'll have to remember to watch videos before posting, in the future.)


'scuse me I have to go punch my parents for giving me a way shittier draw than he got.


see if you can knock up Cheeta, then your kid will at least have a fightin chance.


...... what's his BF% & Weight???




To Iron-Hoosier: Shut the fuck up.

To RalfMale: Excellent job!


Class of 2009.


It's joke relax.



This kid has talent, and as far as I know, his father is strong too, so he's got good genes. No need to play jokes like that.