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15 YO weightlifter, going to strength meet this weekend.

Hi all.

I have a strength meet this weekend.
Bench, Hang clean, and Squat.

there are many weight classes. The three in my area are 148 156 165

I will mnore then likely be in the 156 catrgory, at near 158 or 159 is my guess. Damn whey protein, 2 months ago i was only 153. The doc sayed i was 164 last week.

Anywas. I bench 265
Sqaut 385
Clean 220
To make a long story short

I have been trying to jack my shoulders for bench, but I have quit to make sure they are ready. I am gonna do some rotator cuffs today and thrusday.

Squat---- I haven;t done in a few weeks. I might do some today, or some deads. But i have been doing lunges

And my clean sucks. My schools fotball players can’t touch my bench, but they can clean it. I guess i just dont drop enough. I will be doing that today.

Any tips on helping me to win?