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15 YO Wanting Advice to Get to My Goal


I weigh 175, Bench 250, Squat 375, and Deadlift 385.
My goal is to reach a 450 Deadlift. I only have until the middle of April, I know it is hard-if not impossible- but I want to see if you guys could give me some advice on getting there quicker. After 2 weeks of shitty lifting, I decided to take a break and will start "I,BODYBUILDER" tomorrow. That takes care of 6 weeks.

I eat around 3000-3500 calories, wanting to reach 200 for shitz n' gigglez. I sleep as much as I can (usually around 8 hours, so it's the same). I take Metabolic Drive/Surge Post-Workout/Creatine, FINIBARs, Vitamins, and Fish Oil. Any other supplement you would recommend? Any and all help would be appreciated, and I truly do hope I can reach a 450 Deadlift. (a 315 Bench would be nice too-but that's another thread.)


Try 4000 cals.

The powerlifting forum probably has some good advice for getting deadlifts up.
There are also a few articles if you search "deadlift training" in the search bar. One is getting the deadlift up 40lbs in 6 weeks.


5/3/1. Took my DL from 305 to 395 in 7 months. Squat and bench moved up too. I'm suspect at the idea of using a bodybuilder program if raw strength increases are your goal. Nothing against bodybuilding, of course.

Also find the biggest dude in your gym and ask him what he thinks of your form. Assuming other people DL at your gym.


Pretty impressive numners for a 15yr old.


Alright, adding 500 cals shouldn't be that hard. However, I had already really done that method of deadlifting without knowing the name for it (Rack Pull Variations). Indeed, I did get good gains from it, but I am already burnt out from it. (Hope that this is how you respond... I really have no clue. :S)


Thanks. I've been training for 3 years, but only until a year and a half have I gotten serious about lifting big. Before that I was focusing on going from 180 lbs. (at 12 yrs) to 120(at 14), now wanting to gain some weight back as muscle.


Hmm... I have tried 5/3/1, but it just doesn't work for me. I... Just felt like it wasn't enough and didn't feel right for me. Now that you say to look for the biggest guy in the gym, I laugh because, really, there are no Deadlifters around, and if there are, they're at the 100-200 lb range, the rest are just curlers. Gotta love 'em Commercial Gyms, right? :smiley:


"I bodybuilder" will not get you to 450 by April. Where did you get that it was only a 6 week program? It has 5 phases which each last around 5 weeks.

You are looking at +10lbs/week on your deadlift to reach your goal. Whether or not this is possible depends on how long you've been training. If you're still experiencing newbie gains it is very possible. If you've been at this for a couple years now (which I highly doubt at your age), it's a different story. If you want to put on 10lbs a week, you need to eat the part and sleep the part. You also need to give your body ample recovery, which I don't think a program like IBB will let you do.


Altho i said the lifts are impressive for a 15 yr old, i call bull shit on all of them except maybe the bench but even that seems exaggerated just for the interwebz...

Any vids?


I thought bullshit after he said he wants to get to 200 pounds for "shitz n gigglez" tbh


I never said it would get me to 450. I had been feeling like shit for the last 2 weeks, my lifts were down, I was dazed during workouts, and in the end was spiraling out. I have been having some personal problems new to my short life,and I know that has taken a toll on me on why this has been happening. I just want "I, Bodybuilder" as a way to kind of recuperate from the workouts I was putting myself in and come back to my routine after I finish IBB. And if I keep seeing my workouts go down, I will stop completely and give myself a the time of recovery I need.


I do not have any videos and I do not intend on going out of my way (at least for this week) of my workout due to my physical state for the last 2 weeks (feeling dazed, weight spiraling down). I'll see how I feel and maybe I'll post a video next week depending on how I'm feeling.


If I removed the "z" in that phrase would you then believe me? Or would I have to switch the "n" for "and"?


The new trolls are making everyone so edgy. Everyone posting in beginners is being accused as a troll


I think it's just when they read a question they don't know how to answer they just call them a troll to feel better about themselves.



It's not as much calling someone a troll, as it is the claims the "rookies" tend to make. I'm calling a huge pile of BS on this guy, unless videos are uploaded. I will gladly apologise if proven wrong.

Deadlifting close to 400 pounds at the age of 15 years is an accomplishment of its own. Deadlifting 450 at age of 15 is unreal.

I mean, there is this kid, Troy Kay, who set the deadlifting record of 500 pounds in 2010.


Here's your 405 Deadlift. (Hope it loads right, first time loading video.) I also have the Bench Press video, but I feel like I could do better and my form wasn't that good. I'll get it next week.



My 405 Deadlift. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjNBITWFGJE