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15 YO, Need Advice on Getting Stronger/Adding Mass

Hey guys, I am 15 years old I weigh 180lbs, I am 6 foot.
My bench is 230lbs, Squat 290lbs, Deadlift 340lbs
I had wrestling szn not too long ago so I was eating about 2000 calories a day, now I am eating around 2800 calories or so.
I run a push/pull routine
Pull: 5x3 Deadlifts; 5x6 Bentover row;5x 12 pull ups; 4x12 t bar rows; 4x12 lat pull down; 4x12 leg curls; 4x8 ez bar curls; 4x12 hammer curls; 4x20 BB shrugs; 3x30 second farmer walks
Push:6x3 Bench Press: 5x8 Incline DB press; 5x5 Squat; 4x12 leg press; 5x5 seated ohp; 4x15 dips;4x15 lateral raises; 4x12 db shoulder press; 4x15 tricep push down; 4x12 over head extension;4x20 leg extensions

I really want to get stronger and gain weight without really losing any of my ab definition or gain fat. I was thinking around 3200 calories with some extra ab work. I really want my numbers to skyrocket. I was also wondering what you guys think is reasonable progression for bench squat deadlift in about a year with them all being trained 3x a week.

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Are you ok to grow out of your weight class?

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This is almost never a good idea, especially for younger guys. Think long-term results. Getting a little softer when adding weight has, pretty much for the last century, been the most effective route. You’re young and lean right now, so you’re in a kinda perfect position to make huge gains in size and strength with consistent training and the right eating.

Along the lines of what TFP said, figure out an actual specific goal and timeline. Are you shooting for 195 by September? 220 by January?

Dan John knows a crapton about training high school athletes and talked about his Big Blue Club here. The closer you get to hitting all of those goals, the better you’ll be.

Don’t stress too much about reasonable progression in one year’s time, because, based off your current numbers, you’re either overemphasizing the bench or de-emphasizing legs. You’re aiming to be a well-rounded athlete, not a top level powerlifter.


I don’t think bulking without losing ab definition is that unreasonable. You can get that off a small caloric surplus, but you’d limit your gains.

You’re not in a bad place for your age/height/weight

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I was wondering that myself… amusing how many young men mention a sport they are in. But never mention how weight training can be used to help improve it.

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