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15 YO DLs 500 RAW & Squats 445 RAW


445 lb. Squat PR, 15 year old

BIG D is still making progess. Today his goal was a 430 squat but was able to pull off a 445 squat P.R. It's looking pretty good for Nationals.

Watch video: evolvedathleticsfl.blogspot.com/search/label/BIG%20D%20445%20lb%20Squat%20PR

This was the end of his 7 week powerlifting program. He was able to increase his bench by 16 pounds, his deadlift by 30 lbs., his squat by 30 lbs and his total by 76 lbs. in only 7 weeks. We're hoping he can repeat this again over the next 7 weeks getting ready for the RAW United Powerlifting National in Dec.

CrossFit has played a huge roll in his success. We've used a combination of powerlifting, olympic lifting, strongman training and of course CrossFit training to get these results.

Wish him luck as we get ready for Nationals.

BIG D finally made it to the 500 lb. Deadlift Club. At only 15 years old he hit a 500 lb. deadlift and is now preparing for a 520 lb. deadlift at the RAW United Powerlifting Nationals this Dec. 2009. Wish him luck.

See video: evolvedathleticsfl.blogspot.com/search/label/Sat%2092609%20Boot%20Camp


What a monster. I wish I had started training that young. But seriously, look at the kid. Facial hair and 194 lbs at 15 is not bad at all


Maybe instead of making a new thread everytime he pees, you could just post his new stats on the old thread.


but cmon now that may not be as fun!

haha well tell the kid hes doin good...after yer done kissin his ass.


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seriously... how the f#$% does a 15 year old get this strong? I'm 16 and can only do 350 full raw. what the crap!


Hot diggity damn! A 350 total is pretty damn impressive if you ask me...


If you think that's impressive try hanging out with a 15 year old chinese weightlifter.

Seriously, you people are worshipping someone who has alot of potential to be a half-assed powerlifter. (The kind of powerlifter who's lifts are strong enough to catch people's attentions at curves, but wouldn't really mean shit in a championship...)

Maybe I should start converting these losers to olympic-style weightlifting and have them reach meathead nirvana.


I knew a could who was way lighter and stronger.


Are you lifting as much as him? Didnt think so...


...except that they would probably kick your ass because your a TROLL


Maybe you should start shutting up. Just because you are an Oly lifter doesn't mean your shit doesn't stink.


I can't believe that someone doesn't have this 2b guy on ignore. How long does it take to realize he is nothing but a troll?



My shit doesnt stink and Im in Oly WL...then again...thats cuz I eat like 5 pounds of veggies lol! Where is a vid of this kid? I'd love to see it!!!


Lol derrr!!! Nevermind guys, I realized the link is RIGHT THERE! Im a total idiot sometimes.