15 Years Old, Lifting 6 Months. How Are My Stats?

Hello, this is my first thread and just wanted to get y’all opinion on my numbers as of right now. I just started really getting into weightlifting about 6 months ago.
I currently way 150 pounds and am 15.
I was wondering if I could get some true, real opinions on my numbers right now.
Back Squat: 1 rep max: 315 5 reps 280
Bench: 1 rep max: 185 5 reps 165
Front Squat: 1 rep 265 7 reps 225
Hex Bar deadlift: 1 rep 390. 5 reps 345

Anything helps, thanks

How tall are you? You are either incredibly strong at your age

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I am around 5’9 right now

Videos. Those are very high numbers for your age, height and weight - to the point that videos will make them more plausible.


I will work on getting videos in the next week or so

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Your off to a good start your numbers will only go up with time and maturity. Stick with what your doing until it doesn’t work. Keep stuff basic and simple don’t over think stuff. Make sure your form is decent . Find in real life someone that can mentor you be it a coach or a more knowledgeable lifter that is successful.


Thanks bulldog, I will gladly follow your advice man


Incredible stats! I’d like to see video too. I see grown men over 200lbs unable to press 100lbs. I just saw a grown tittiboi with 10’s on a barbell dancing around to get it up.

Our youth is not completely lost! Unless he comes back and says he is on his third cycle.

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i will get the videos up soon, and thank you this is also at the tail end of my first ever lean bulk, so carbs and calories have been higher and the numbers have been soaring


bump for vids


@flipcollar videos are here: New Plan/What to Do in Future

Here is what I am planning on doing but I have a few questions. Right now I am 15 years old, 5’9, 153 pounds and 15% body fat. My best lifts include hex bar deadlift 390x1, barbell back squat 300x1, barbell bench press, 180x1, and barbell front squat 260x1. I just got off of a bulk and am thinkinh about leaning out getting below 11ish percent body fat and then going on a long term continous lean bulk with a very slight calorie surplus. I say this because I am a former fat boy, and am kind of afraid of getting over 15% body fat ever again, but I know at my age the best thing to do is to just eat a surplus of clean foods, lift heavy, and sleep. Any suggestions on what to do going forward would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

No cutting, dieting, leaning out etc. You are small.


Seems to be a few 5’8”-9”, 150ish teenagers lately with questionably high lifts for their apparent size…


^ Im guessing they’re not using full ROM

Whatever happened to just eating to grow? You can bulk without getting fat if you weigh yourself consistently

To answer your question, consider the 5/3/1 BBB 3 month challenge, and maybe do it twice.


What happened to those videos?

  1. Eat 3 to 4 meals a day. Each meal containing protein, fats, carbs, veggies/fruit.
  2. Do 5/3/1 BBB or something like it
  3. Run 2x a week
  4. Do steps 1-3 without missing a day for 1 year.

If you do this you will be lean, strong, and will look good.


You forgot 5…

  1. Post videos
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I’ve been trying to get the videos but workout with the baseball team, marking it hard to film anything

No offence, but that’s a pretty ridiculous statement.

You could even front up to your coach and say you’ve got a buddy out of town who’s giving you shit about not believing how much you lift and could you be allowed to film to get him off your back.