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15 Years Old, Any Tips?

Ill be 15 in about 19 days… thats just an age factor for you to consider. Im not a BIG weight lifter, but I do normal bench press every day… (I lift 4 times and do 6 reps)… I was just wondering if theres any tips for me, and if diet really influences all the muscles around and including the biceps.

I also do three kinds of dumbell exercises.

I see big results, and I was wondering if there is anything that someone wanted to advise me about… I’ve heard doing weight lifting can stunt my growth but considering there are more hard core weight lifters at my age I think I’ll be ok.

I had a bit of a hard time understanding some of what you were saying so, to clarify:

You do 4 sets of 6 reps on the bench everyday?

You use dumbbells for three unspecified exercises (possibly everyday)?

You are hoping to make your biceps, and presumably everything else, bigger and want to know how diet will effect that?

Is working out going to stunt your growth?

My advise to you is to take a weight lifting class at school once summer is over. In the mean time read as many articles as you can, get a book on anatomy and learn what each muscle does and where it is, this will help you in understanding the mechanics of what you are doing. This site is a fantastic resource. Use it.

As for growth, you have little to worry about if you are doing things correctly (again take a class or train with someone who is experienced). Diet is huge if you want to grow. Without sounding like a broken record…READ.

Best of luck. And I hope you can learn to love lifting for your own sake not simply to impress your girl (although women certainly help).

Haha thanks, and my screen name isnt for weight lifting… I just do it as a healthy alternative to going to sleep. :slight_smile:

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You can letter in Powerlifting at many, many high schools across the Nation. There are some kids out there your age lifting big weight and I can assure you their growth is just fine.

Basically the idea of it stunting your growth is pretty silly assuming a well thought out and supervised program. Don’t be afraid of squats, just learn how to do them correctly.

Seek out somebody to teach you good form and stick with compound movements.

Squats, deadlift variations, bench press variations, chins, pulldowns, rows, etc.

At your age and training experience very little time need be spent on isolation movements (probably less than 10% of total training.)

Quit benching that frequently and start training your whole body, not muscle groups.

In regards to nutrition, just eat as clean as possible and try to get as much whole foods as you can.

Protein ratios, etc. are not that important at this point. Just try to eat enough and get in the habit of eating something for breakfast b/c the one thing I have noticed over the years is very few teenagers eat enough in the morning.

If there was ever a guy who could use this it’s you.


Do some reading in Vroom,s beginner,s thread before you touch anything made of metal heavier than 20 lbs before you hurt yourself. Not being mean, but you are in need of the utterly foundational basics. We’ve all been there.

Thanks for the information.
What kind of workouts can I do to add muscle to my upper torso?
I’ve had a friend show me the correct ways to do all the different lifts and curls.

He set me up on a miniscule workout, using the correct lifting methods, and in just a week I can see a major difference in my arm muscles.

I was told that the more weight you lifted in small reps was better then lifting a smaller amount about 15 times for 4 reps.

To answer this last ? what program again follow this advice plenty in there lots of nutrition and great programs

Read bro then come back


[quote]Tiribulus wrote:
If there was ever a guy who could use this it’s you.


Do some reading in Vroom,s beginner,s thread before you touch anything made of metal heavier than 20 lbs before you hurt yourself. Not being mean, but you are in need of the utterly foundational basics. We’ve all been there.[/quote]

read vrooms thread, it answers all your questions.

pullups are probably the best bicep builders there are at the sort of strength you’re at. they’ll also grow your lats no end, so you’ll look a lot bigger from the front and back.

if you can get 12-15, you could start putting a weight between your feet, and this will work your abs more too.

work on pistol squats (ie. one legged squats, other leg out in front, all the way down to the ground), up to 3*10 each leg - this will be great for your lower body strength.

play lots of sport, whilst you’re still in school and have the easy opportunity to. also try and do gymnastic things like handstands, cartwheels etc. - it’ll be easier to learn them at 15, and they add balance and the ability to use your body.

remember that when you are still teenaged, you will keep growing and getting stronger year on year anyway.

Oh, and eat, eat , eat. Eat.

I’ve got a small (maybe big) problem… I’ve been on the same weight for over a week now and I dont want to add more weight to it because Im afraid I may not be able to lift it back up.

Im sure the sensible answer it to stay on the same weight until Im sure I can handle more, right?

Ask for a spot.Besides if you’re adding weight gradually and not doing singles at like 90% RM I would not be too afraid of going for it after adding some weight. I’m assuming youre talking about the flat barbell bench. I

[quote]All4MyGirl wrote:
I’ve been on the same weight for over a week now and I dont want to add more weight to it because Im afraid I may not be able to lift it back up.

Im sure the sensible answer it to stay on the same weight until Im sure I can handle more, right?[/quote]

I workout at my home, so no spot.
I could get one but they cant lift 25 lbs for nothing.
Right now Im lifting 95 lbs, and my goal is 125.

If you can’t get someone to spot you, then fail non-heavy lifts on purpose and work on getting the barbell away from your chest safely. Though the best option by far would be to get a spotter.

And if you’re serious about weightlifting - read all you can on this site.

I added the weight and it seems to be ok, if I start getting to where I can barely lift it I’ll just cut down on the reps for a day or two until I can get back up to 4x6.

I’m going to simplify what i think most people want to say to you

  1. EAT A LOT. If you ever want to get bigger you have to eat. Make sure you are eating more than you ever thought you could eat. You might think your eating a lot more than you really are so just stuff yourself

  2. GET STRONGER. Think about it. Have you seen a big strong bodybuilder that couldn’t lift more than you could ever imagine yourself lifting? Getting a lot stronger, combined with eating a lot= BIG

  3. KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. Stick to the compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press, Barbell Rows, push press…etc. They should make up MOST of your exercises. Throw in a couple of sets of accesory movements like barbell curls, tricep extensions, and so on for every muscle but have most of your sets come from big compound movements… Generally, exercises that let you move the most weight, while using proper form, will give you the most bang for your buck.

  4. LEARN. Read everything on this site, then read all the posts, and most importantly learn from experience. If you combine what you read with experience, you will become quite knowledgeable about weightlifting in no time at all.

  5. GET TO IT. Go kick some ass.

See my response in your other thread for my advice on how to gain muscle. It follows the K.I.S.S. approach, because all you do is follow the programs as written.

The only possible difference from the written programs would be to put front squats in where back squats are, around 50% of the times. Just alternate weeks. In other words, if you’re supposed to back squat once a week, back squat in week 1 but on week 2 front squat. Or if you are supposed to squat twice a week, same thing. Week 1 back squat both days, week 2 front squat both days. Make especially sure you hit rock bottom with the front squat even if you have to lower the weight. It’s especially easy to only go partway down on the front squat because it feels so weird. Takes time to get used to it.

I think you should back squat, definitely, just not to the exclusion of all else. I’d split it between front squat and back squat about 50/50. I say this because I am unsure of the effects of direct spinal loading at your young age. Some is good and necessary for growth–look at farm kids that work at doing manual labor with heavy stuff. But a crap-ton might not be. I’m wise enough to know that I don’t have the experience to tell you for sure.

–ASK Eric Cressey in his locker room thread about his guidelines for back squatting at your age.

Last–don’t pay any attention to the “weightlifting will stunt your growth” crap. Just so you know, the forces on the joints (including knees, hips, spine, etc) involved in sports, including soccer, baseball, basketball, and football, can be several orders of magnitude greater than weightlifting. If weightlifting were really detrimental to your growth, the forces and torques created by frantically jumping, sliding and tackling would be exponentially more devastating. But no one tells kids to avoid sports because they might stunt growth. Just the opposite. Sports are considered healthy and normal, even necessary.

Note to you, read the “Are You a Beginner?” thread at the top of the Beginner’s forum. Tattoo every word of that on your forehead. Also, in order to become all around well conditioned and built, you need to work your legs very hard, especially your hamstrings. Especially. Like, not just with leg curls. You should also concentrate on your back, in a big way. Being super strong in these areas will give you the supporting musculature to dominate in sports and balance your physique in later years, including helping you bench more and get bigger arms and shoulders. So don’t dig yourself in a hole now by doing only bench, triceps and biceps.

It could take you years to fix your physique if you go training only the muscles you can see facing the mirror. TRUST ME. This is something you will never hear a guy your age saying to you, so I’m going to say it–hot chicks hate a guy with no legs or ass. I literally cannot count the times women friends of mine have laughed at the light bulb “jock” type wannabees with no legs or ass or back. Like, laughed out loud. I dunno that high school girls are the same way, but I guarantee you 100% that college girls notice and laugh to themselves. So don’t dig yourself a hole now.

My legs are in better shape then any where else on my body, thats the first thing people notice about me. I use a “mental reserve” to keep running when Im about to fall down and quit, which I think keeps my leg muscles nice and “bulky”.

I can flex them right now and veins pop up :slight_smile:

I think running is not enough. No, I KNOW running is not enough for your legs. I’m glad your lean, but you weigh 105 lb at almost 15 years old. Unless you’re shorter than 5 feet, I don’t see that being anywhere near proportional at all. This is according to the BMI chart, which is listing a 5 foot tall peron of 102 lb as having a BMI of barely normal weight.

How tall are you? It shows the cutoff for UNDERweight (but still normal) at 105 lb as being 5’2". If you are any taller than this, you are absolutely underweight for your body and you need to get bigger ALL OVER. As I said in your other thread, you weigh less than most female supermodels.

We’re here to help you get some muscle, but only if you put the discipline and work into it.

as far as getting stuck on bench, if you do a powerlifter style bench bringing the bar down to the bottom of your ribs instead of neck its not a problem to get off of you. Just shove the bastard down to your hips and get up.