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15 Years Of Nuggets



Anyone heard about this yet? I read it and was somewhat amazed, while at the same time horribly disgusted. How can someone not want to eat anything but chicken nuggets for 15 years? Nasty.


The Mom is an idiot


I wonder what her preferred dipping sauce was?


Know kids like this in Scotland and they come from all sorts of backgrounds. The guy I live with eats sausage mayo pasta and mars bars and getting him to eat anything else is a nightmare.


Some people just weren't meant to survive.

Medical science is saving so many morons I am not sure there will be room for the rest of us.


I ate 20 nuggets in one shot, once. Once. I have no idea how someone can eat just nuggets for 15 yrs.


This is something I've talked about with a few friends of mine in biological sciences. So many babies/people are being saved by medicine that it's no longer about the strong surviving but also the weak(and stupid, but that's another discussion).
It's a very touchy subject.

I forget what disease it was, I'm thinking Huntington's but I may be wrong, anyway, apparently, some people that find out that they're carriers, choose not to have kids b/c of the odds of passing it, and how debilitating that disease is/can be. I've probably skewed some of the information here, but I'm sure you anyone here will be able to extrapolate the general point that I'm trying to make.

Like I said before though, it's a very touchy subject, and people will scream 'who are you to decide who lives and dies?' or 'why don't you do the world a favour and off yourself' or something along those lines. And while I understand where they're coming from, afaik, I'm not a carrier for any severe disease that ruins people's lives, and also, puts a strain on the rest of society.

Again, I'm going to stress that it's a touchy subject, and I'm not trying to open a can of worms, but it may have to addressed in the future, if conditions in the world change, and we're not able to live with such abundance so as to be able to support the less-than-ables(is that politically correct enough?).


I've mentioned that before and was told that we are not at risk of overpopulating this planet. I personally don't understand that viewpoint.

Common sense tells me that if we start going out of our way to save people who would have died due to blatant lack of intellect or survival skills, we will eventually have TONS of people who really aren't cut out to actually "improve" upon our state of being as humans.

People cry because some guy walks out of Carl's Jr with an AX and gets shot after he swings at a cop.


He likely wouldn't have made it that far had this been 200 years ago.


I think we can all agree on that one. lol


Don't worry Prof. Eventually we won't be able to take care of the massive amounts of idiots around the world and they'll start to die off. That is, if we don't usurp them first and kill them off ourselves. lol

History repeats itself all the time. Why would this case be any different?


I like how the author gave advise on how to cut back on feeding your kids nuggets.
But left out the real golden nugget of advice to "STOP f**king eating them!!"
I want a pic of the girl. WHat does a 17yr old with a solid life diet of chicken nuggets look like?
Vegans and veg nuts are gona have a field day with this


There's a show on TLC called Freaky Eaters that covers this very topic. Not sure if it's still on.


This be her.


This woman eats 10,000 ice cream bars a day


They made a movie about that X


When I read that she had a boyfriend I was wondering what she looked like. She's fairly attractive, despite looking like she could use some sun and vegetables. Damn though, I don't think I could be in a relationship with someone with such a stupid and infantile diet.


I know. You'd think the boyfriend would speak up and try to at least convince her to be somewhat healthy. But I guess if he's in danger of not getting a bj or sex over it he's probably gonna keep his trap shut.

She's either gonna learn from this and make a change, or in a few more years you'll hear about how she died and that it's all McDonalds' fault for making such awful food and that she couldn't help it because of some bullshit cop out excuse for her disgusting eating habits, then mom and dad will sue and make bank.


what a fucking moron >.< i hate to come off as a douche bag but i dont care anymore. to put it bluntly people like this need to die. and if it werent for modern medicine saving people like this then she would have, just like nature intended. people like this are just weakening the human gene pool. as horrible as it may seem i think we need to stop making cures for fucking everything for a while. i mean everytime theres a threat of a massive epidemic or something people freak out but bill burr's right. natures just tryin to help us out by thinning the herd and we wont let her.


One could argue that people weren't meant to be eating the shit food at McDonalds either. I'm not saying you aren't right, just playing Devil's Advocate a little.

If it were truly still a survival of the fittest scenario, we'd still be executing the retarded and possibly half of us on this board wouldn't be here due to being snuffed out at some point in our lives by a stronger, more fit person. :stuck_out_tongue:


This thread certainly took an interesting turn.

Seems to me this is just a symptom of a culture based on individual desires. This talk of natural selection is fun and interesting, but it's far too late to change the direction of this thing now. Maybe we should start carving instructions to the builders of the next civilisation now: "O ye overmen, let it be known that chicken nuggets are delicious, but gorge thyself upon them ofttimes and society shall crumble to ashes!"