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15 Year Old Squats 500 Raw 190 BW


Hello everyone I am a new user here and I’d like to get people’s opinion on my squat form during a pr attempt. I’m 15 years old. Also I’d like to know if 500 pounds in the 198 pound weight class for a fifteen year old is possibly a Maryland state record.

Link to video

Thanks guys


Im almost positive it would be a record, you need to go deeper though. You looked a few inches high


That’s some intense strength there! You could try sitting back a bit more which would allow you to go deeper more easily. Now you go straight down which causes your knees to travel pretty far forward. It might be easier to do that with raised heels with weightlifting shoes.


Damn man good job! I’m 15 too and struggling to get three plates at 145 b/w haha


Thanks for the replies so far I appreciate all your guys input


Strong but if you keep squatting that way, you won’t last long.

Bar travel is off (leaning on the balls of your feet because of it), knees way to far forward and therefore cannot get deep enough. Shorten up the walk out. Lighten it up a LOT and work on good execution first.

Very strong at 198. Time to put in the work to get better so you can do it for a long time.


Holy shit dude, that is impressive as hell. I saw the running shoes and almost shit my pants. I would highly encourage you to purchase some lifting shoes, or at least buy something with a flat, stable sole. Form could definitely use some work-the reason I say that is the bar drifts as you ascend, and like was already mentioned, you did not go deep enough, in my opinion, to be counted for sure in a meet. Let me say though, that you being able to lift 500 pounds with (beginner, not bad) form, is incredible. I used to do the same thing with my squat before I switched to low bar and actually started finding the groove. I would love to hear about some crazy 15 year old kid kick that MD state record with at least a 600lb squat. BTW, you can look up MD state powerlifting and they have all of the records, per MD state USAPL. Awesome lifting man, keep it up