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15 Year Old Squats 330kg 727lbs


Absolute insanity. Going to be an amazing competitor.




Can you imagine if he stays healthy and injury free for the next 10 years.


That'll be a hard task to accomplish. Some of the football players in my university are strong as fuck, but aren't allowed to reach their full potential because strength coaches are extremely conservative. Now mind you these guys are 6ft 200lbs <10% bf squatting 600. If they put on weight like the kid in the video they'd easily be squatting as much as he is but then again they're not 15.


Impressive lift from him indeed. Many srtong lifters have started at young age already. Christensen was almost squatting 400kg at the age of 18-19 too (not RAW ofcourse).


His head position is very interesting. A lot of people say don't look down, but there's a couple guys on here who use the head down technique with success.


One of the other seniors on my football team squats 655. He's 17, and I wanna say weighs about 220-230. Though this guy doesn't do anything else but squat, Like he struggles with a 205x5 on bench.


What low rent meet doesn't use a monolift?
Damned impressive just walking that out


the IPF doesnt. That is one if the bigest (especialy in europe) federation. IMO walking it out is part of the squat too




Not sure if srs.


Things that don't happen in the real world for 600 Alex


I've personally never seen it, but I have seen him go 405x8 like it was nothing. I'll definitly try to get a video up of this guy sometime soon if anyone is interested.


What part of that don't you believe? There were nearly 30 600+ (one 700+ and one 800+)squats at this years MHSAA powerlifting tournament. 9 of them were in 242 or below with one kid putting up a 680 on his second attempt in 220. Now being that strong on the squat and having a pitiful bench seems a little odd but those are definitely believable numbers for a larger highschool.

Edit: http://www.misshsaa.com/Sports/Powerlifting.aspx

In case you want to check my facts.


The conditions that this other high school senior supposedly squatted 655 weren't mentioned, but in comparing his lift to the lift posted in the OP, it was (arguably) implied that it was a raw squat with no knee wraps. Based only on the rulebook for the site you linked, a single ply suit was standard fare.

I don't think anyone would suggest that a single ply, wrapped 655 squat is terribly outlandish for a 220-240lb lifter, even at 17. But, if that is what we're talking about, I don't think its a particularly valid comparison to the kid in the OP's video.


You are actually 100 percent correct and I did not catch that. I actually thought it was raw classic rules. Sorry for the misrepresentation. I actually pulled up some photos just to make sure and the 220 that hit the 680 squat as well as the SHW that hit the 825 both were using the TRX.