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15 Y.O. Trying to Get Big


I'm a football player and I'm trying to get big for the season. I went to the nutrition shop today and got this stuff called Enor-Mass by Body Fuel . The guy at the store seemed like he knew his shit and told me what to eat and stuff and how much protein I need to get in my body etc. I know this stuff will help a lot but I was wondering if any of you guys could recommend some other stuff that you have seen to work best for a kids my age.




haha. i get it.

why did he seem like he knew his shit? was he a big dude?

just eat mang. u’re 15 years old. you need some good food, quality rest, and a solid workout routine


I’d say a majority of that stuff is crap, what you need is just a better source of calories from real food.

There is a while section devoted to nutrition on this site. I suggest you start with the basics like counting calories and eating a lot more/more healthy.

Eating to gain weight is a pretty large commitment and takes a great deal of time to really understand.

Since your at such a young age you don’t have much control of the food your parents buy but I’ll bet you can at least start making smarter decisions.

To tell you a little story, when i was your age i was eating Marie Callinders pot pies twice a day and sitting on my ass.

I later learned that those same pot pies have an insane amount of bad calories and have recently been dubbed the worst packaged food in America.

I also got fat that summer, don’t make the same mistake i did.

Now i’m not expecting you to strict diet at your age… mainly because your 15, but if you really want to get bigger (in a healthy way), you have to start changing some of your habits.

Finally, if your really looking to supplement in some more calories, you can go buy some protein powder from the GNC (I use the brand called ON whey 100%, and it tastes pretty good).

I realize you can’t really control the food your parents buy so this might be an easier change than choking down that other stuff.


[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:

haha. i get it.

why did he seem like he knew his shit? was he a big dude?

just eat mang. u’re 15 years old. you need some good food, quality rest, and a solid workout routine[/quote]

EDIT: fuck you mac. I posted the same thing, but with more words :frowning:


First, he’s working at GMC so chances are he’s went thru the crappy training program they have (I worked a GMC for a while in highschool) and think’s hes a master (so chances are he’s a idiot). Next Just eat 5 turkey sandwiches aday with whole wheat bread and try to eat alot of egg’s and oatmeal in the morning, and add in some WP shakes and your golden.


aight, well all of what your saying is helpful. and yeah i kinda noticed that the guys at nutrition shops can BS you to get their most expensive stuff. I think im just going to finish this stuff and just eat alot of PB&J sandwiches and stuff


Don’t worry about supplements. Eat more meat and drink more milk (if you’re not lactose intolerant). Get your calories up (and it doesn’t have to be just from meat and milk). Two of the biggest things I noticed from my personal experience was that I gained weight easier when having a big breakfast and eating 3-4 meals instead of 6-7. I started last summer off with 6-7 meals a day and wasn’t really gaining much weight.

I kept the calories similar but dropped the amount of meals to 3-4 and started gaining weight noticably faster. A lot of people on here swear by higher meal frequency, but it didn’t work as well for me. From different things I looked at, what I experienced is fairly common. I saw a study showing that people who eat less meals but the same calories were more likely to gain weight.

I should note that while they gained more muscle, they also gained more fat. That isn’t to say that they got fat from it, they just gained more fat, but you would expect that since they gained more weight total. I guess they both have their uses. I’m not sure what you’re looking for so you can decide what you want to do for yourself. Either way, if you aren’t gaining weight, up the calories.

Even if your nutrition is great, don’t expect much weight gain if you aren’t in the weight room.