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15-Week Log w/ 2 M1T Cycles

Just to let you all know, I droped a line to the Mod. as to which forumn to post this log under and he directed me here.

Hope you all dont mind, and possibly throw in some constructive criticism.

If you do mind, oh well, feel free to flame away. I just figured some ppl might be interested.

At the best you can track my progress of adding some quality LBM. On the other hand you may get a good laugh when I am overcome by the sides that some ppl experience off this crap and my liver shuts down as I am trying to drive myself to the emergency room but get overcome by the lethargy.

Anyway. This is the first time I have tried M1T and just wanted to see if it holds up to the hype it is getting.

I will update weekly or so during the preparation weeks and PCT(starting today as it is the end of week #1). Then daily while I am on the cycles.

Any suggestions to any of my plan would be great. Hope I can entertain a few ppl as well.


M1T Training Cycle 15 week Plan/Documentation

Starting date March 22nd

Beginning weight 195lbs @ appx. 12%


Diet goals/outline

Cut during first 4 weeks maximum of preparation on a slight hypo caloric diet getting BF% in the 8-10% range.

K/cals adjusted as needed.

(No lower than 8%, I find that for me if I am lower then 8% or so all the extra k/cals go to bring BF% up before any is used for building new LBM on a bulking stage leading to a waste of my time gaining nothing but fat)

Maintenance Diet beginning @ two weeks prior to beginning of bulking/M1T cycle.
(Being @ maint. diet level prior to beginning a bulk also helps (for me) to gain LBM more quickly then going from a deficit to a bulk diet)

During cycle begin @ a 250 k/cal surplus and be prepared to raise k/cals as needed for optimal growth with minimum fat gain.

PCT keep diet in a surplus of at least 250 k/cals to solidify gains

Macro breakdown

Protein @ 300+grms a day

(other than that I am taking a break from tracking every single macro, it has gotten a little old over the past few years to count everything and limit my carbs so much, also time consuming as hell. I will be keeping it clean though)

Meal partitioning P+C & P+F based around when I train. P+C post training of course

Roughly equal out breakdown of fats into poly, mono and saturates prior to PH and while on. I plan on upping the saturate amounts during PCT to help boost test. production by supplementing with coconut oils and eating more beef of course.

Higher carb intake during on weeks with 2 P+F meals a day to get in my GOOD fats and bed time meal for more of a delay in protein breakdown. The rest of the day is P+C


Weeks 1-5

Strength based training 4 days a week. Low rep/high weight, around 3 reps.
2 days upper body 2 days lower body, push pull supersets

Weekend w/o?s will be based on Westside ME days

Stick to exclusively big compound movements to build strength levels with 1 or 2 isolation movements as needed for tri?s, bi?s calfs, etc. if I feel the need.

Purpose of this training.

Build strength before going on Bulk cycle. To help preserve LBM during minor cutting weeks. Get body adapted to the low rep/high weight so that I can have a growth shocking effect (hopefully) when I start the M1T/BULK combined with high volume training for maximum hypertrophy.

2 fasted state cardio sessions Mon. and Fri.

2 HIIT sessions Wed. and 1 other in the PM (optional)

Added cardio if needed for further loss, or if I just feel the need.

Purpose of cardio, lower BF% and get cardiovascular system ready for the BP raise during the M1T cycle

Week 6
Off Week

Active rest

purpose = Haven?t taken a week off in more than 6 months. Other than that it will allow me to come into the bulking phase fresh and ready to hit the weights hard with less of a threat of over training. Also I find that a week off can have a positive effect on a growth spurt. So the week off along with the switch from exclusively low rep work, to High rep and M1T should elicit one hell of a growth stage. (fingers crossed)

Weeks 7&8 (M1T)

High volume, Moderate/High weight. 8-12 rep range.

Two a days. Each workout focusing on a different body part. Ex. Chest, upper back, quads, hams & gluts, shoulders, etc.

Alternate upper body AM, lower body PM

Two days on 1 day off

Very limited. I might try and get off the couch and walk every once in a while.

Purpose = GROW

Weeks 9&10 (in between cycle PCT)

Strength training as during preparation phase only less volume.

Keep w/o to 45 minutes or less

Limited, possibly fasted state walking 2 mornings a week (if to much fat gain during Bulk, some fat gain is a must though for maximum growth)

Purpose = get the boys working again and ready for round 2 of M1T. Solidify Gains from first 2 weeks of PH. Rest up for round 2

Weeks 11&12 (M1T round 2)

Same as 7&8 adjust as needed with greater emphasis on parts that didn?t respond as well during first 2 week M1T cycle (Like my tiny ass don?t wanna grow no matter what approach I take biceps)

Purpose = GROW MORE

Weeks 13-15 (PCT)

Same as weeks 9 and 10

Purpose = get the boys working again, preserve and solidify Gains.


Multi Vit. = 2 daily
Vit. C = 3g daily (500 mg 6 x a day)
R-ALA = 100mg a day (300 mg a day during M1T)
MSM = 2 a day with multi
Calcium = 3 a day (1900mg total)
ECA stack = Weeks 1&2, 4&5 (pre M1T not during cycle)
Fish Oils = 6g a day
Vit. E = 400 IU 2 a day
Pro Liver = 3 a day (1 week prior to M1T not during cycle)
Lecithin = 1 TBSP a day (1 week prior to M1T not during cycle)
Potassium = 600mg (during M1T for cramping sides I think I will just eat some bananas though)
Hawthorn berry = 500mg (during M1T for the BP raise sides )
Creatine = 5g a day (beginning 1 week prior to start of first M1T cycle continue through end of PCT)


Planned PCT
.25 mg Armidex a day
50mg Clomid a day
Tribex = 8 a day (try and give the boys a boost)
Also raise Sat. Fat intake to boost natural test production

Other pct supps. on hand if needed


Weeks 7&8
M1T @ 10 mg a day (5mg AM 5mg PM)
4AD is an option

Weeks 11&12
M1T = judge off of first 2 weeks (lower/maintain/raise as needed)
Possibly add 4AD if sides on first 2 weeks unbearable

PH on hand

Enough M1T and 4AD to grow a small army

Week 1

March 22-28th

Weight=191lbs (-4lbs)

Everything went great except I was tired as hell during todays w/o, didn?t sleep worth a damn. I am eating more carbs than I have in years (former fat ass that is still carb shy but finally said screw it) and losing weight faster @ less of a deficit, guess I should have tried this approach earlier. Leaning out faster than I had projected, but I added strength. So that is good. I think I will have to up the k/cals earlier than projected. Not a bad thing!!!

200k/cal deficit training days
500k/cal deficit non training days
ECA stack 3 times a day

Tuesday: deads, weighted decline sit ups, step ups, DB side bends, GHR?s, 1 leg stiff legged deads, 1 legged squats

Thursday: decline bench, bent over rows, Military press, weighted chins, db curls, cable push downs, reverse flys, and lat. raise.

Saturday: Deads, weighted decline situps, Gm?s, shrugs, cable side bends

Sunday: Incline bench (off pins), upright rows, skull crushers, weighted wide grip chins, preacher curls, db flys

Fasted state, 2 sessions, 45 minutes, each 1 Monday, 1 Friday

HIIT 2 sessions 1 Monday night, 1 Wednesday Morning

Two additional short moderate intensity sessions following training, Tuesday 15 minutes low intensity rowing, Thursday 15 minute slow paced jogging

Week 2

March 29-April

Weight = 197 (+6lbs )

Diet/weight has me stumped, I gained 6 lbs after just upping 200k/cals a day for 5 days, but caliper measurements are down a little on abs and chest and unchanged on thigh. Waist is down 3/4" from start also. So I am happy with the progress just confused, must be water. I still might lower k/cals this week a little due to the fact I am not running the ECA this week. I need to find my maint before the bulk gets here.
I forgot to mention last week that I hairline fractured my big toe early last week, that is why no calf work and I laid off the squats. The deads didn?t seem to bother it to much, just treating it easy as I can to let it heal.
Tested my Blood pressure to see where I am @ as far as that goes because it seems to be a worry while taking M1T. This is one of the reasons why I upped the cardio to make sure it was good. Anyway it was at 128 over 83, and an average HR of 54, not to shabby. I was also using an ECA stack at the time. So BP shouldn?t be to much of an issue.

200k/cal deficit training days
500k/cal deficit non training days
ECA stack 3 times a day

Monday = 45 minutes fasted state cardio in the AM keeping HR between 140-150BPM, damn toe is doing a little better. Well decided to do a short HIIT session, 15 minutes, just for shits and giggles.

Tuesday = Lower body
Supersets = A. Box Squat (2" below parallel, 12" box),Decline weighted sit ups (6 sets)
B.GHR, single legged squats (4 sets)
C. single leg curls (super max negatives), DB side bends, & single leg extensions (3 sets)
10 minutes low intensity rowing
Total time = 1hr 15 mins.
I am leaning out fast, but I am not hungry. I just don?t want to sacrifice LBM.

Wednesday = Well I am upping cals as of today. Losing way to fast (3 lbs since Sunday) Worried about losing LBM when my goal ultimately is to add LBM and am almost @ my goal for dropping fat. Going up 200 k/cals a day and see how it goes.
HIIT in the AM, 25 minutes total. Warm up 6 mins., 7 sets 30sec on 90 recover, 6 min. cool down.
Toe is beginning to feel better.

Thursday = Upper body
Supersets = A. Decline Bench and Upright Rows (9x3)
B. DB Shoulder Press and Weighted Pull ups w/varied grips (4x3)
C. DB Curls, Lat raise, weighted dips, and reverse flys (3x3)
15 mins low intensity stairs
Total time 1hr 15 mins
I hate toes

Friday = 55 minutes fasted state cardio in the AM keeping HR between 140-150BPM in the damn rain.

Saturday = Close stance GM?s (12 sets worked up to 408x2)
Supersets = A. high bar narrow stance squat, weighted decline sit up (4x3)
B. 1 Leg curls (supermax negatives 3x3), cable side bends(3x5),
1 Leg squats (3x5), shrugs (3x6)
Still no calves letting toe heal.
Total time = 1 hr 20 mins
45 minute walk w/55lbs of weight

Sunday = Super sets = A. Pin press and 1 arm bent over rows (10 x up to 1rm) (followed with 3 supermax negs on bench press and 3 x 2 @ 127 on 1 arm bo row)
B. 1 arm db shoulder press, weighted pull ups, lat raise, push downs (3 x 3-5)
Total Time = 1hr 15 mins
20 mins hill walking

impressive results bro! im gonna have to give this stuff a try.

Week 3

April 5 - 11

Weight = 200

This week no ECA. Going for same cals everyday to get a better idea of where maint. will be on this diet. Toe is slowly getting better I think.

O.k. I wrote that ^ @ the beginning of the week. Now some changes. Toe F&^ing hurts bad after thinking I could do some ME close stance squats. I have to lay off stuff that is going to aggravate my toe. Might even have to limit HIIT sprints in order for it to heal and go with more of the boring low intensity crap. But I need it to heal. Diet had me perplexed, I was @ a lower k/cal level and still put on three lbs. And yes some was fat. But going back over my log I think I got that figured out, I wont go into detail, not sure if I was right yet or not. Other than that all is good. Strength is still increasing except on the squat with the bum toe and 3 weeks till the M1T begins. I plan on losing a few LBS this week and possibly next if I feel the need and then going for maint during the rest week then hitting it hard. I am really not to worried about the BF% as long as it is not out of hand. (losing fat is the easy part, I want some quality LBM, with minimal fat of course)

2700k/cals a day ( ~300 below maint.)

Monday = 45 minutes fasted state cardio in the AM keeping HR between 140-150BPM

Tuesday = Lower body/Abs/lower back
Supersets = A. Deads (7 x 3-5),Decline weighted sit ups (7 sets)
B.ATG close stance squats (3 sec.pause @ bottom), 1 leg leg curls (4 sets)
C. rounded back GM?s, step ups, cable side bends
15 mins low intensity rowing
Total time = 1hr 20 mins.

Wednesday = .Terrible sleep. HIIT in the AM, 25 minutes total. Warm up 6 mins., 7 sets 30sec on 90 recover, 6 min. cool down.
Aggravated the hell out of my toe with the w/o yesterday. Starting to piss me off a bit.

Thursday = Upper body
Supersets = A. Incline pin press and wide grip Lat Pdowns (9x3)
B. Close grip Bench and 1 arm DB BO rows (4x3)
C. flys, lat raise and reverse cable flys (4x3)
10 mins low intensity jogging
Total time 1hr 20 mins

Friday = 40 minutes fasted state cardio in the AM keeping HR between 140-150BPM.

Saturday = Supersets = A. ME Squat & decline sit-up (10set up to 1rm for squat, 10x3 sit ups) (On a side note bad idea to try the squats, toe is now worse than it ever was going to really have to lay off it now, also hindered my squat today)
B. Wide stance GM?s(3x3), cable side bends(3x5), 1 leg squat (3x5)
c. GHR (3x5) & 1 leg leg extension (3xsupermax negs)
Still no calves letting toe heal. Except screwed it up on squats.
Total time = 1 hr 20 mins

Sunday = Super sets = A. decline bench and 1 arm bent over rows (12 x up to 1rm)
B. Standing military press & weighted chins (3 x 3)
c. Flys, Tri. Extension, lat. Raise (3x5)
Total Time = 1hr

Week 4

April 12-18

Weight = 192 (-8lbs)

Ok a couple things of note at the beginning of the week. First off the toe thing. I gotta let the damn thing heal. So I am having to change things up somewhat. First being weights. No freaking squats, deads seem ok. I am going to have to resort to more leg extension and crap like that so as to not disrupt my toe. Second being cardio. Going to have to limit it to low intensity stuff no jogging even, let alone HIIT. I am not looking forward to the boring long duration crap but I HAVE TO LET THIS HEAL ( < reminder to myself ) So as of this morn I started with hill walking with 30lbs in a pack I was able to get and keep HR in the right zone, boring though. Also due to no HIIT I am going to drop K/cals a little just to be cautious, and see how it goes. Lastly, training schedule a little screwy this week, I will have 2 short leg sessions M&W instead of one full w/o on tues. That?s about it. Tweak to diet worked great, just as I thought well back on track and upped the k/cals back up and am maintaining.

2500k/cals (back to 2700 on Saturday)
ECA stack 3 times a day

Monday = 45 minutes fasted state cardio in the AM keeping HR between 140-150BPM (hill walking with weight)

Super Sets = A. Leg extension, leg raise, DB curls
B= Extra wide ? squats(on blocks heels only, toe), Ez Bar Rev. Grip Curl, DB side bends
Total time = 40 mins

Tuesday = 35 minutes fasted state cardio in the AM keeping HR between 140-150BPM (hill walking with weight)

Wednesday = 40 minutes fasted state cardio in the AM keeping HR between 140-150BPM

Superset A = Deads, weighted decline situps (4x3)
B = 1 leg leg curls, cable side bends, & stiff legged deads (3x5)
Total time = 30mins

Thursday = Upper body
Supersets = A. pin press and 1 arm DB BO rows (8x3)
B. incline flys, weighted chins, pushdowns 4x3)
10 mins low intensity (hill walking with weight)
Total time 1hr

Friday = 45 minutes fasted state cardio in the AM keeping HR between 140-150BPM. (hill walking with weight)

Saturday = Supersets = A. ME Hack squat & weighted leg raises (10sets)
B. Close stance GM?s(5x3), db side bends(5x5), 1 leg leg extension (5x5)
Total time = 1 hr

20 mins hill walking.

Sunday = Super sets = A. military press and 1 arm lat p-downs (13 sets )
B. wide grip bench, db upright row, cable tri extension (4 sets)
Total Time = 1hr 15mins

Well 1 more week of training and 1 week of active rest and the fun begins. I am ready. I will most likely begin on saturday the 1st, dependent on if everything is in line. I think it is. The only thing really left is to buy a soat load of food, and possibly a new pillow.

till next week

Hey phill didn’t you post your pictures a while ago?
I’d be really interested in a before and after for your cycle!

Archaic yes there is some old photos up from a few months ago on the forumn, but they are quite old.

But I do have photos just not posted yet, I will probably wait till the end. I snap pics every 2 weeks so as to compare progress. I find it much better than a scale and even a mirror for assesing progress. So I have pics from the week befor I started this and every two weeks throughout. I will probably add another week in the day I start the M1T.

The only thing you can really see in the pics I have as of now is that I have leaned out quite a bit.


Week 5

April 19-25

Weight = 190(-2lbs)

(Monday 19)Ok two weeks to go. This weeks being the last one I am doing training and the next is active rest. Toe is slowly healing. The lower intensity weighted cardio is effective as well as the diet tweek. So all Is good. Got all my supps. And such in line and on a side note it looks like I am in good shape with my studies and work for my Grad. School finals and such. I am ready for a break, stress has been disrupting sleep quite a bit. (Wednesday) Upped K/cals to 2800 I was dropping fast and felt I am getting lean enough. No point in trying to shoot for extremely low % just to bulk again. And want to keep everything I have now. (Sunday) Well just finished last w/o befor a week off. If you have been bored from these weeks this next one will be a real thrill, a week of active rest. I think I need it though. After more than a month straight of lifting nothing but heavy low rep (85% of 1 RM and up) I have gained strength fairly well but, it started to take its toll on my joints this week. Also I have Grad. School Finals this week so the little extra time will help.
1 Week and then the fun begins

2700/2800 k/cals
ECA stack 3 times a day

Monday = 45 minutes fasted state cardio in the AM keeping HR between 140-150BPM (hill walking with weight)

Tuesday = Lower body/Abs/lower back
Supersets = A. Stiff leg dead(off block), Decline weight situps & 1 leg extension (7sets) B.1 leg leg curls, DB side bends, step ups (3sets)
10mins low intensity rowing
Total time = 1hr

Wednesday = 45 minutes fasted state cardio in the AM keeping HR between 140-150BPM

Thursday = Upper body
Supersets = A. decline pin press alt. Grip) and upright rows (10x5)
B. cable flys, weighted chins, kick backs (4sets)
10 mins low intensity (hill walking with weight)
Total time 1hr 10 mins

Friday = 45 minutes fasted state cardio in the AM keeping HR between 140-150BPM. (hill walking with weight)

Saturday = Supersets = A. deads & weighted decline situps (6 sets)
B. GM?s & 1 leg leg extension (4 sets)
C.1 leg leg curls & db side bends 4 sets
Total time = 1 hr

Sunday = Super sets = A. DB Shoulder Press and Weighted Chins (5 sets )
B. Flat bench and DB BO Rows (4 sets)
C. Wide Decline Bench & Upright rows (2 sets)
D. Flys and reverse flys (2 sets)
Total Time = 1hr 10mins

Till next week

well This damn thing is a go as of tomarrow. I was going to put it off due to all the stuff with my mom and such, but then this morn my damn comp crashed and I lost my whole life of info and all. Comparison pic, diets, training, work stuff, school stuff, personal stuff all gone.

So I have decided to just go ahead with this damn thing and get freaky HUGE while I sort through all this stuff.

I am now on my new laptop I didnt have the money for.

I wont have comparison pics from befor the slight leaning and strenght phase any more but I do have pics as of this morn. on the camera, and all measurements, and such.

Good thing I posted my whole plan on here. Atleast I didnt totally lose it.

So lets have fun boys and help me get HUGE…

Any suggestion during this would be great. I said screw it and am going for the

Week 1&2 10mg M1T (POSSIBLE 4ad 4 sides)

Week 2&4 700mg transdermal 4AD

week 5&6 10mg M1T and 200mg 4AD trans.

then PCT.

Lets do this


Week 6

April 26- May 2

Weight = 187(-3lbs)

Week couldn?t have been much worse. The details are in this and my other threads. At least diet has been better over last few days. I wasn?t eating.

It was off week sat in hospital all week with mom only activity was the 120 steps up and down getting coffee every 15 mins.

No weights

I am primed for freaky growth. Toe I think is a O.K.

f?d up/varied LOWk/cals
no eca lots of coffee though

Monday through Sunday= not a damn thing.

I will update tomorrow and tell you how it is going.

Planned training is AM lower body hip dominant it think maybe quad.

PM I am going to due upper back and bi?s.

3200 K/cals to start this deal out I guess. I will adjust from there.

I also didn?t get the week of creatine in as planned so their will be some weight gain right their off the bat. I started it today.

My only worry right now is BP due to all the stress. I love my coffee but think I will have to switch to decaf for this.

Well I am going to get some stuff done around here and get ready. Must go stock the fridge.

See ya tomarrow. Hopefully side free and growing.


Day= May 3rd

Weight= 187

Blood Pressure= 137 / 79

PH= M1T 10mg (7am, 7PM)

AM w/o= Hip&ham dominant leg/lower back/abs
Super sets=A. leg curls (single leg) & decline weighted situps (4 sets)
B.DL?s & cable side bends (4 sets)
GHR?s (4 sets)
Seated calf raises (2 sets to failure)
Total time 45mins.

PM w/o= upper back and bi?s
Chin ups (4 sets)
Cross over rows (4 sets)
DB upright rows (4 sets)
Super set = EZ Bar close grip curls & db hamer curls (3 sets)
Reverse Flys (2 sets)
Total time 45mins.

Sides = Only two noticeable on the first day. One could be very expensive. My damn appetite is through the roof. HUNGRY. The other is feeling amped up. I don?t see the lethargy. Makes me feel like I just took a double dose of an ECA stack. Increase in HR also.

General B.S.= Two good w/o?s. I hope this stuff has the recovery effects of a Mag 10 cycle. If not I will be one sore mofo in the morn. The high rep, low rest time, TUT sets was a huge change from the heavy work I have been doing. Great pumps.

That?s it for now.

I remember my first week on m1t, I felt like a million bux but then I upped the dose and my world came crashing down. When you say you are taking 10mgs am/pm, does that mean it’s split up 5 am/5 pm or are you going with 20mgs? Great log, keep it up and good luck.

It is a total of 10mg. 5 and 5.

Thanks for your response. Hope that clears it up.


Day= May 4th

Weight= 187

Blood Pressure= 126 / 77

PH= M1T 10mg (5am, 5PM)

AM w/o= .leg quad dominant and abs
Super sets=A. squats & cable crunch (4 sets)
B= hack squats & leg raise (4 sets)
Single leg ex. & cable side bends (4 sets)
Total Time 45mins

PM w/o= Chest, tris and shoulders
Giant set= standing military, db floor press, decline bb bench (5 sets)
Super set = Flys & cable pushdowns (4 sets)
Bench 2 sets
Tri extension 2 sets
Total time 45mins

Sides = None nada zero. Maybe a little water retention starting today and a little amped up. Might be placebo effect though. Still have high appetite.

General B.S.= Two great w/o?s, Quads were pumped for about 4 hrs after I got done with w/o. Nothing more than I would expect from such a workout after not doing high rep work and tut in such a long time. Blood pressure was good. Checked it at same time 1 hr after PM dose of M1T. I know it is just day 2 but I expected more. No rush to raise it though. I will let it run the week and see. Cant stay out of the restroom due to all the green tea and water I am downing. Either way the work outs them selves should give good gains.

Also expected to have atleast put on a lb or two or water from the addition of creatine. Not yet. Rest day tomorrow. Probably some cardio depending on the weather.

Day 3 = May 5th

Weight= 190

Blood Pressure= 126 / 75

PH= M1T 10mg (7am, 7PM)

AM w/o= Went for a pre breakfast walk
Total Time 45mins

PM w/o=

Sides = None

General B.S.= I am a sore S.O.B. My quads have steadily started to hurt worse throughout the day. The initial water weight gain I was expecting has begun to set in. 3lbs heavier today and softer looking. Muscles seem a bit fuller as well though. Nothing else to damn exciting. None of those pumps while walking and stuff like that. Just life as usual.

I’m going to start next Monday. Going to try amping up my workouts too, higher reps than usual.

Sounds good. Give it a go. It is kicking my a*&. Loving it.

Day 4 = May 6th

Weight= 192

Blood Pressure= 128 / 76

PH= M1T 10mg (7am, 7PM)

AM w/o= hip,low back,hams
Super sets (timed) A= GM?s & cable crunches (4 sets)
B= Leg curls & Cable side bends (4 sets)
Stiff Leg deads (3 sets)
Total time 45mins

PM w/o= Back and bi?s
Super sets= Lat P-downs & BO Rows (4 sets)
Revers cable flys & DB Curls (4sets)
DB bo rows (2 sets)

Sides = None

General B.S.= Well it has now been 4 days and I aint feeling a thing off this stuff good or bad really. Nothing beyond a regular bulking session. So I am officially going to move up to 15mg of M1T as of tomorrow. I am thinking 10mg dose AM and a 5 mg dose PM. Getting a higher amount of the hormone at one given time.

The work outs kicked my a$%. I decided to go with timed sets and boy I was ready to drop when I was finished.

Well see what the increased dose brings.