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$15 to Flip a Burger






This is happening right now.

just, lol.


This whole thing is being pushed by a specific Union, no one else gives a shit about this.


WTF, everyone knows it takes $16/hr to live a decent life.


It is bottom up economics , like everything good it must be built from the bottom up .

And as I being a tax payer , I am sick and tired of subsidizing employees of McDonalds and Walmart. If they can not pay a living wage they should get out of business and let some one that can

Besides that McDonalds should start making real food , that I would eat . It has to be over 10 years that I have darkened their door


It is not happening here. All the places they were showing on the news this morning had like 5-10 people. Did not seem like a big deal at all.


People who eat at McDonalds do so because it's cheap, not because it provides real food.

McDonalds is not catering to people like you.


So subsidizing through increased prices & increased unemployment is better that whatever current subsidizing is going on?

oh... okay.


I have no problem with this. A TON of things many people take for granted came from private sector unions and strikes. We probably need more strikes in this country, not less. If these people think they can improve their job I have no idea why it's laughable.


OH MY F--KING GAWD the sky is falling McDonalds will have to sell their 3/4 pounder with cheeze and 5 lb freyes and a plastic milk shake for a Dollar fifty rather than a Dollar . The world will ceases to exist


Actually it is a 1/4 pounder and the value meal is around $5-6. If you have a double in pay then your burger will have to increase by about 50%. So they will now cost $7.50-9. The poor people will no longer be able to afford the value meal. Think about the poor.





These people are the ultimate in expendable......even if they did get some raise, the fast food companies would just let more people go and raise the price.

Strikes only work when you have some sort of leverage.


Why does that have to happen again? McDonald's had the money to triple it's CEO pay to 13.8 million.

But by all means, get REALLY pissed off about minimum wage workers trying to get a raise.


The problem is the tax payers have to subsidize McDonalds employee program ,


Well 69 million people buy something at McDonalds every day so it must okay...


They also spent $4,710.3 MILLION for payroll and benefits in 2012, which equalled 25% of their revenue.


If McDonalds paid 16/hr to flip a burger then more educated people would apply to the job and get hired and these fucking idiots that's failed to graduate high school will be out of a job all together. On top of that surely burger prices will go up so they won't be able to use their welfare check on the dollar menu anymore. Great idea!!


CEO 17 million dollars if he can ride his employees like ponies and get tax payers to subsidize his employees . I would have thought their pay roll would have been bigger


Unions....you know, the guys that are responsible for this "grassroots" movement....are not the most long term of thinkers.

It's a job for high school kids, trying to make a buck, not some 35 year old person trying to raise a family.

Most of these jokers will soon be unemployed, their jobs filled by the next generation.


Dude runs one of the largest corporations in the world.

Edit: And "rides his employees like ponies," is a joke. Most of them work part time and all they do is operate a deep fryer, whoa tough stuff there.


bingo and if that persons employer wants to keep them they will have to pay more . It is flipping supply and demand to the employees favor.