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15 Months In, Critique Me Please!

Hey everyone.

I have been training for about 15 months now, and I seem to have made good progress since. But I need more!!!

So please crit my physique and Ill get onto it asap!


Can we have some of your stats? I’d say eat, squat and deadlift a lot. Thats never a bad suggestion in my opinion.

Not a bad base to start from though, just work hard and you’ll reach your goals.

Looks like your forearm and upper arm are the same size. Curl. Do shrugs to get those traps up. Inlcine press to help with your upper chest.

Oh and I agree with the Squat and Dead suggestions.

Good luck, and Good job…

Please take some pictures with proper poses. Front Lat-spread, Front Double Biceps, Back Double Biceps should be enough. And some stats, and where you was 15 months ago. Thanks :slight_smile:

I would say you could add a size every where your not realy what I would call unbalanced just not big.

Oh, actualy you could use some heavy shrugs.

Thank you for the comments. I agree. I need more size. I would like to work my lats more and traps to balance out my physique, then I would like to add more mass everywhere.

More food, more squats, and more deads I agree.


Looks good man. Guys with a body like yours naturally have a good time transitioning into lifting - I know tons of kids I grew up with who were naturally fit, then once they started lifting it all fell into place. Keep it up.

You have a higher-than-average chest line, so your abs will comprise a greater span of your torso. I’d train them heavy. No matter how developed your stomach might be, the higher chest and broader shoulder will preserve the sweep. You’re also a bit long-waisted, which compounds the effect. Not a bad thing. Just genetics.

Your biceps are probably better developed than this picture suggests, but they do need work as noted. Your fores are long, and at this angle your arms are picking up the “orangutan” look. This is why bodybuilders tend to raise their arms a bit towards the camera.

You look like one of those guys who could achieve a real solid symmetry. I hope you keep at it.

lift heavier and eat more

I dont see legs back or side…cant tell ya…but what excatly do you wanna accomplish?

Thanx for the replies guys

Ill post some back side and leg pics asap.

What do I want to accomplish? I want to get a very nicely toned and symetrical physique. Probably add another 10 pounds.

Once again thanx for the critique. Ill keep it up!

did you really just tell him to go do curls? What is wrong with some of you.

To the OP, good base, listen to the guys telling you to dead n squat.

yeah I weas thinking. curls???

I agree I Need more mass. this is great motivation to hear you guys say this thank you.

Any ideas how I can improve my upper chest line? I do inclines every week just as I do normal bench but it seems to be developing at a much slower rate.

Here is an update. Got to find someone to take pose pics!

crits all welcome.

Mate you like a lot like me, are you handsome motherfucker too? I’d give you the advice i would give myself- save up for a bit to get food money, then eat a lot more, work more military presses, and chins, rows and deads, and maintain chest but don’t push the boat out just yet.

Maybe build up the triceps too, so that later on, you can ramp up your benching numbers