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15 lbs From Contest Weight for Today's Pros


To stay on topic with the name of the thread, lets talk about contest weight vs offseason weight

Plz dont post about Lee Priest, he has nothing to do with todays pros


I think it all depends on a few variables to the individual...

-Do they base a lot of their income on guest posing year round, and need to stay in 'reasonable' shape
-How much water they actually drop on contest day (this can be a huge addition to how much they actually weigh)
-How long they've been training, and if they believe that being heavier will allow them to train better (heavier, harder) in the offseason (I think a lot of today's pros realize that you don't have to blow up so much in order to make progress)
-Injuries, and if letting their weight creep too high reaggravates them
-How much PEDs they use when not in contest mode (ie. Levrone being so much smaller when not in prep mode)

THere's probably a lot more, but these are just thoughts off the top of my head.



How many shows is a guy doing? How long is his offseason?

6 months or 2 years?


Not to take the thread slightly off-course, Zraw, but I find it interesting that as surprising as it seems today, someone like Kev Lev (I just made that up... lol) would grow into a show, Arnold and Franco also went this route. This almost seems to make the most sense.


A question that relates for those that know.....Does it matter how long they have been training? ie they are are still quite some distance form there total genetic potential for mass.


Pretty sure this thread was made to fuck with PX


How is today that different from 15 years ago?

Every O champ after Yates was doing a lot of guest posing. And drugs are still the same.


Drugs are still the same?

lemme know where you get your British Dragon brah


Is that legit stuff? I was just looking at picking some up...


If the drugs are so much better then today's bbers should be bigger and leaner than the ones from the late 90s. That doesnt rly seem to be the case bra


People seem to remember the 90's with rose colored glasses


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I was really about to drop a few hundred on an order within the weak.

Pfft, thought I had a legit source.

Oh well....back on the hunt I go.