15 Health Supplements Men Need, 8 They Can Skip

Glycine buries my blood glucose levels, I registered a 66 after a 1/2 tsp and a meal with white rice. I’ve checked several times so not an outlier for me. Not sure why I’m affected this much, thought I’d share in case others might be prone to similar experiences.

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Aged cheddar (1 year or more) is another good source of spermidine.

Corn products might be too, but I haven’t found an assay for Tostitos yet. Not sure how Frito-Lay would work that into their marketing…


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I am a subscriber to Consumer Lab and can verify that this was their top pick for fiber sans lead.

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Much appreciated.

Niacin and Aspirin–I have been using Niacin (Vitamin B3) for years to control cholesterol, which it does very well despite what some older studies concluded. 500 mg extended release (Enduracin) and 500 mg plain Niacin in the morning, 250 mg plain Niacin at noon and 500 mg extended release in the evening. The plain Niacin is likely to cause a flushing reaction which you may find uncomfortable, but half an aspirin taken at the same time will very likely control that.

Fiber–psyllium husk (Metamucil). Psyllium husk sequesters water in the gut–that’s why it works to alleviate constipation and control diarrhea. That can lead to dehydration, because the water in the gut is not reabsorbed, unless you drink a lot of water. This is especially important to guys using Testosterone, either for TRT or to get big, since T is likely to increase hematocrit, i.e., the percentage of blood made up of red blood cells. Elevated hematocrit makes the blood more viscous and more likely to clot, leading to blockage and a heart attack or stroke. If you use psyllium AND T, be sure to stay well-hydrated and get your hematocrit checked from time to time.


I have never heard of the aspirin with Niacin thing to prevent (alleviate some of) the flushing. Will try that and am also going to try the protocol you have described here. I react HIGHLY to plain niacin (100mg and I itch for more than an hour) and hopefully between the aspirin and the extended release, I can get the benefits and feel like shit for a little bit. Never tried the extended release because of the aforementioned “not working as well as regular” thing.


You could try Enduracin extended release. Slightly different release mechanism. Not entirely positive it’s “just as good as,” but some of the anecdotal reports give me hope.

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Excellent information as usual. Any chance of an article describing the ideal combinations and times to take everything? would be really beneficial. Thanks.