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15% Body Fat By the End of Summer?

I am sure I will be flamed for asking such a question but I'm bored and lacking motoviation.

I am 22 5’6 BF is around 25% I checked my BF on a weight watchers digital scale (not calipers) so I dont know how accurate it is.

I thought I would have been in much better shape this far into the year, however some things came up.

My goal is to get to 15% body fat by the end of summer. My diet has always been decent but I am following Berardi’s 10 habits now so my diet is getting better everyday.

I am following Waterbury’s book Muscle Revolution and I am well on my way to getting my strength back to where it was before my shoulder injuy in Jan.

I will be following a HIIT sprint/jog routine along with rowing. I am waiting on an concept 2 rower I bought on ebay.

If I obtain this goal by the Fall, I than plan on bulking around 30 LBS, I belive that amount of LBM will get me to the size I want.


are you asking us something? or did you just feel the need to post something?

I’m just wondering how you can say that your diet has “always been pretty decent” but you’re at 25% body fat?

Yeah, your diet sucks. Don’t kid yourself.

Do you know how to use the concept 2 machine you bought? I’ve seen so many people that have no clue what they are doing on it (I rowed all throughout highschool and now coach at the collegiate level).

So make sure you get someone that is knowledgeable (someone who rows/rowed not a trainer at a gym) and can teach you proper technique so you don’t hurt your back. Rowing with the fan setting at 10 is a great way to throw your back out.

Olympic rowers do not row with the fan on 10 except for very specified pieces, same with collegiate rowers so there is no reason that a typical gym person should be rowing with the fan that high. If you can’t keep pressure or keep the chain firm at a 4 then you aren’t keeping technique.

Im asking if I should keep on doing what I am doing, following Muslce Revolution from ABBH1-TSP or follow a routine that is set up for fat loss.

Can i find Afterburn or Turbulence Training on here or do I have to buy the book?

Perhaps follow Waterburys Summer Project?

I just looked up meltdown training.

Would it be a good idead to following routines like that for the rest of summer than work on bulk/strength over winter?

I’d give Lactic Acid training, or 10x3 for fat loss a shot - they both worked well for me.

Either way, diet comes first.

[quote]DF85 wrote:
I just looked up meltdown training.

Would it be a good idead to following routines like that for the rest of summer than work on bulk/strength over winter?[/quote]

  1. Pick a goal (Be very specific. Write down what you want to look like and how strong you want to be)

  2. Rate yourself according to your objectives (how much muscle mass you want more vs how much fat you want to lose. Could be another goal)

  3. Identify your biggest weakness, and that’s what you should work on first.

  4. Stop looking for name brand programs. Your randomly bouncing from one to another looking for a magical program. There isn’t one.

  5. Go to the library, or buy yourself some books on basic nutritional and exercise principles.

  6. Modify your diet and exercise program depending on the results you get.