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15% BF to Contest Shape in 8 Wks?


Having never dieted down to contest shape, I have no idea of timelines. Is it possible to go from 15% bodyfat to contest shape with 8 weeks time? If so, what dietary changes should I be looking to make and at what points along the way?


8 weeks? Ouch man. That's rough shit. You're a strong-ass dude though, right? I would guess it's POSSIBLE, but definitely not ideal.

I've never really cut to contest shape, but I'm guessing your endeavor will mainly mean a lot of FMC, and barely any carbs. I'll let the people who've actually done this shit chime in though....


Possible: Yes
Possible to do without looking like crap: No

By "crap" I mean you'd look great to most, but bad next to someone who did it right.

You're talking a diet and training regime that would sacrifice muscle fullness for the sake of a cut physique. Also have to factor in the elasticity of your skin. If you're thick skinned and have been 15% + for most your training life, even with serious dehydration, 8 weeks isn't enough time for your skin to tighten and give you the carved stone edges you desire. 16 weeks would be minimum I'd shoot for.

If it's a first time contest you want to do spur of the moment, I say go for it. If you don't do well don't let it discourage you though. DO IT AGAIN. Just give yourself more time to prepare. Besides, placing better the second time around will boost your drive to do even better your third time around. :smiley:


It's not a stage competition. It's an 8 week physique change challenge. The winner at the end of the 8 weeks wins some nice prizes and I'm up against a bunch of people that normally don't train and are only motivated to win some prizes and are "well, I guess it's time to get in the gym and get fit then."

So, I don't necessarily need to get into contest shape, I just need to get as lean as possible.

I could go keto and use the bodycomp blitz program. Just looking for ideas that might be better than mine. The contest starts on Thursday and ends Sept 1st. I started today carbing up and pounding some sodium so I can try and get a semi-bloated and fat look for start pics on Friday.


I can only speak for myself, but I would regret dieting wrong...which is what trying to lose damn near 8+% body fat in 8 weeks is. You will lose muscle...and while there is the argument of being able to gain it back, it is still a hassle because you aren't just dealing with muscle but a compromised metabolism from losing a shit ton of muscle on a strict caloric deficit.

I went through that once and even though I held my body at lesser calories for longer than 8 weeks, it took me damn near half a year for my body to get back to where it was because of the stress.

I am not saying you will have it that bad because these are much lighter circumstances (and my actions were related to the military), but it is something to consider.

if these people are untrained, it is likely you already look better than them and just need to lean up a little instead of actually trying to get contest ready.

You will NOT like the results.


I dunno dude, sounds like some pretty tough competition. Might need to break out the Bowflex and P90X. Haha.

Dropping down to 10% with a clean diet would be achievable without too much muscle loss. And since you're a big guy, 10% would still look pretty damn impressive. Especially if you're "pre-bloating."


I hadn't really thought about the muscle loss which I definately don't want to do. Okay...so less drastic, get as lean as I can with being reasonable in 8 weeks.

So would going a ketogenic diet (something like Lyle McDonald prescribes) or a carb cycling or just keep carbs reasonable (something like .5-1 gram per lbm)


ha! One guy out of the group did mention Crossfit and paleo...so there will be at least 1 guy I'm competing against. But if he's going strictly paleo, he's not really going to be cutting that way.

He can have Crossfit; I have you guys. xoxo


Okay...I love beer.

Is alcohol a no go completely during the 8 weeks?


Break down "love" into a quantity.
Either way, a little or a lot will hold you back. Bonus is if you take liver detox and stay off it completely for those 8 weeks, you're be a cheap date for a while once you start it back up again. When's the last time you got a buzz off 2 beers?

Side note; I am about to snap at my training partner for whining about how he wants to lose weight and get back to at least a four-pack, but the bastard will not drop the beer. He can down 48 a week easily. 4 months of that shit!


oh geez. I'm not that bad. I'm on summer break, so I have a bit more than normal since I really don't have a work schedule till late August. I usually have a 6-12 pack on a Friday or Saturday night. Or I might have a total of 12 over a Friday and Saturday.


Man, 15% to even 8% in 8 weeks sounds nuts.

I started cutting 8 weeks ago and am down about 8lb, with no strength loss and even with that I don't look that much leaner unfortunately. Started probably around 17-18%


Depends on your tolerance for muscle loss. If you care (which I would), don't shoot for a target %, just do things right, lower your cals, take a lot of BCAAs, work your ass off with the mentality that you refuse to lose any strength, and the weight should come off. Your carb intake and all of that kinda depends on how your body handles it.




For the first weeks, then a relatively low carb, high protein, high fat diet for rest?