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15 and Starting Out


Hi, my name is Chris and I have just recently joined this site. I am only 15 years old and i want to get huge. I am dedicated and I am an athelete. I am looking for someone who can provide with a good workout plan and someone who can answer a few of my questions.

A couple of my buddies are pretty big, one of them weighs about 220 and is benching 230 and he is 6'6" and he is only 16 years old, I want to be there. I wish I would have started earlier like they did, but I am willing to work my hardest to beat them. I am 6'4" and I weigh around 180lbs. My bench is embarassing and is only around 135. I don't work very much on my legs, and I never squat because a few people have told me that you get hurt by doing that, however, I do occasionaly do the diamond bar traps and those work me pretty fiercley. Before I work out I always warm up by getting on the bikes for 10 minutes. When I am done lifting, I feel wiped out, I hurry home and pound down that protien. When I wake up the next morning I am burnt. I can barely get out of bed because I am so sore, but I love it, I think that is my body telling me it was a good workout. I am also pretty flexible for how big I am and I want to be up around 200 by the end of the summer. I also eat a balanced meal with fruits and veggies and don't drink soda or any of that. Occasionally I will go out to eat with my friends, but when I do, I still try and pick out something that isn't terrible.

I am looking to play varsity basketball and football, and I am doing track & field, throwing the shot and discus. Any help would be great because everyone I have talked to said it is to early to lift and it will stunt my growth. Personally, I think theyre a bunch of candies. I have yet to find a workout schedule that fits me and I can find some help here. Thank you very much for taking the time to help.



If you want to be big you will need to start doing deadlifts and squats, you will also need to eat ALOT of good food everyday. You are 6'4 and are worried that people tell you weightlifting will stunt your growth? I am sure most of the people telling you that will always be shorter than you. You also wrote that you wish you had started earlier, I have only been seriously lifting for about a year and have made tremendous gains and I am 32, 6'3 230lbs 15%bf, started at 200lbs 20%bf. I know th BF is high compared to what most people put on this site, but it is still an improvement.


Hey bro dont wait at ALL get started. Less talking about it and more doing it and learn as you go.

Here this will help,

just start eating for your goals. strat resting for your goals, have fun, go in the weight room bust ass and get it done. Base the workouts on BIG compound Movments. Presses, pulls, sqauts, deadlifts and fill in the other things. Main thing do it and do it with intensity.

Raed up start learning from the reading and under the bar/behind the fork and come back with any and all questions and concerns as they arrise.

Hope that helps,


If I were to start all over again, I would spend more time on back hypers during the beginning period of my training.

Basic erector spinae + hamstring and glute strength = good. You need the back strength to prepare for heavier and more advanced training later on.

Learn to squat... however there is no need to jump into heavy weights with these right away. Attain the necessary flexibility to achieve a good comfortable low position first. Work on proper form.

By the way, don't worry about where you are right now. You've got PLENTY of room to grow, trust me.

Spend lots of time playing sports too.

Hard work and consistency will take you far. Stick to the basics, persevere, and you will succeed.



Good to see you're getting a head start. Not too long ago I was in the same position as you were.

Some keys for you:

1.) EAT! This is definitly key. I don't know about you, but a lot of naturally tall guys seem to have super-fast metabolism. It seems like I need to constantly be stuffing myself to gain muscle.

2.) Squat. It's probably difficult for you right now, but invest in a way to learn the proper form for squats. Done correctly they are probably the best lift you can be doing right now. Either find a compentent coach to show you, or read all the articles you can find on here from Dave Tate on squatting and look up some vid clips. If you can spare for the Westside DVDs on EliteFTS they will show you a lot as well on the proper form for squatting.

3.) Get your form down. Spend a good week working with light weights and doing rep after rep with the proper form. Just do sets of 3 until you can't take it any more. The key is to really work on your form here. I train a few high school volleyball players and we got some snickers from the football team when we spent a week just doing rep after rep with the bar. Well now I have a couple of them squatting 185 well below parellel and embarrassing a few of those guys.

Check out the Westside for Skinny Bastards program. It sounds like it'd be perfect for you.


listen to these guys..im 17 and gained a shitload of muscle from their advice and still goin..read everything by Dr Berardi..especially skinny bastards program


I'd eat a shitload of food. For a program I'd recommend the BIll Starr 5x5


Thanks a lot for the help. =)


Hey buddy, I'm 18 and 6'8" and was around your height at 15, so i can relate man. As has been said before, eat a lot, but try to get your diet down so that you can eat a lot but put on virtually all muscle, a lot of articles on this site will help you with that. Also, SQUAT! I underestimated this at first, but squatting is essential to getting huge. Being a tall lifter, it's always tempting to make excuses about how your bench sucks because of long arms or you're at a disadvantage doing squats, I know i did this and I started believing them myself.

Basically the key is just to lift for yourself with proper form to get stronger, it doesn't matter if you can impress your friends but are cheating at the same time... just my little advice. That being said, just enjoy yourself doing it, you're obviously dedicated, just live and learn and then get luvvs. Sorry for the bad commerical reference. Good luck man!


You need to get that drink into you sooner. Also something like Surge is a good product. You should be getting that post workout drink as soon as you finish, or perhaps, before you even start. It is different for everyone but it can really make a difference to the soreness you get the next day.

Read everything on this site.


BS. I know why you think that way and even responded to the one article written on this subject. After training, carbohydrates are the first thing I am interested in getting into my body. Protein would come second in priority or in combination with carbohydrates. Beyond that, there is no need to shove a protein shake in you 5 seconds after training. Some studies show that you can benefit for HOURS after training in terms of recovery when it comes to post workout nutrition. I personally still stick to the concept of getting something in me within 45min to an hour.

I know I personally have NO appetite in the first few minutes after training, especially on leg day. Shoving anything down before my stomach settles would be a mistake.

One of the reasons he may feel wiped out may be due to HIS OVERALL DAILY FOOD INTAKE or not taking in enough carbs throughout the day to support his activities. Many of these guys get so caught up in "protein" that they forget that protein alone doesn't build up your body.


Id say That you're workouts and recovery are impacted more by your nutrition day in day out.regardless if its a training day or not. you are gonna want to be putting away some serious calories in the run up to a workout, as well a after.