15-20 Pounds ASAP

i am 43 years old very fit and have been extremely athletic from 20- around 35
have cycled with gains around 30 lbs in the ninetys just basic test, deca equi and at the time sus250d

played football semipro and am playing again in 3 months
i weigh a pretty lean 205 i am very strong freeweight military press 245 for sets of 10
benching 315 for sets of ten i am not trying to sound like a jerk just trying to educate the group for the best advise

i currently supplement 150g of protein in 3 shakes aday with additional 1000g of carbs with gnc products
cr5 creatine nitrocm and chondroitin

cycled off 3 mos prior 3cc 3xs a week each injection 100 mil trenace 250 cyp 100 equipoise 50 propinate
did for 4 months saw total gain around 10 good lean pounds did not suplement shakes i was definately lazy
cardio went to shit on tren massive cough attacks about every 5 or 6th injection other than that i thought i knew what i was doing but i am learning this may not have been the best choice
my goal is 15-20 pounds ASAP before 1st camp i am a defensive back so i am not that worried about purely lean gains but my physical training needs to focus on speed and agility for the next 3 months and still try to put on as much as possible
i have never posted before on any site on any topic if i sound like a dumbass ia am just learning
i will be subject to testing but iam goin to risk it
i may be asking for a miracle but i just need to be steered in the right direction
note should i completly stop tren for cardio reasons? i really like the way it works have 40ccs left???
please advise on a stack i have no problem with eod cycles need to be off by march 15

I would ditch the tren. I would get out of breath hardly doing nothing at all on tren been 2 weeks sense my last shot and cardio seems to have returned to normal already. If you have less wind could be the tren for sure.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Test prop and Npp and 4 week bursts of orals, with 4 weeks off orals, alternating.

That’s my opinion.



I am sure I know what “Npp” is but somehow I am missing the abreviation.

"NPP is the short estered cousin of Deca and has many of the same actions (so I won’t go into too much detail) but seems to be a bit weaker in all aspects (less mass, less strength, less water, less supression). It is fairly mild in terms of sides and doesn’t hold nearly as much water so it’s use in a cutting cycle is possible and it seems the gains are more easily maintained (but this may just be due to the reduced water retention). It’s generally used as a secondary to Test to add a bit of anabolic properties and aid the joints a bit. "

-From FuriousGeorge

Read up on short cycle planning:

What is the thoughts on cutting out tren all together
750 tren a week
500 equipoise
And orral winstrol

You see my stats up top what do you think
Fyi. I am 6’ tall. 205 lean athletic build
Looking for a lean 220 playing weight

I have no idea what kind of dosage on oral winstrol
Always been afraid of orals with toxicities
Alot of people are swearing by it for speed and endurance
For their sports
What is the real effects of oral winny for my situation,
And what dosage?

Thanx guys
I am learning alot reading thru all these forums

Since you might be tested I wouldn’t use any form of Nandrolone including NPP. It can sometimes be detected up to a year later.

you’ll never gain that much muscle in that little time unless it is muscle memory. 7 lbs of lean dry muscle I think is the maximum amount you can achieve by then.

I think its a mission of futility at this point.

instead just use a little testosterone and try and have the best workouts you possible can. Start tapering the dose as you grow closer to your competetive season.

Tren withdrawal will leave you very suppressed. Not a good plan to be in that state and playing tackle football bro. You’ll want to cry rather than hit somebody!! lol

For a athlete, i would suggest test prop, eq, and anavar. You will have to eat like a mofo to gain that much weight. It more about the diet than it is the compounds you are on.