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14mg Ed Test Cyp Bloodwork

i been on 14 mg on teat cyp wd for 3 months now and this is how my blood looks.

Testosterone total. 711.95 198.00 - 679.00
Bio available testosterone. 573. 110 - 575
Free test. 22. 5.05 - 19.8
Estradiol. 31. 15. - 33
Shbg. 11.3 0.2 - 200

Im not feeling good at this dose at some point i felt like i past sweet spot. Recently been feelingike high e2 which sometimes i cpntrol with aromasin but if i dont take ot for a week or my e2 keeps shooting up past where its at now at 31 but i also over respond i cant more then 5mg a week or i will crash. I want to bring down my dose to 10mg daily and see how i responx to that i think 12 will still be too much for me.

I want this kind, LOL. That sounds like way more fun than cream or injection. I would say you should probably leave the aromasin alone and see if you adjust. It is really hard to get an AI “Just right” if you are not an underresponder. Seriously, leave it alone entirely for 8 weeks and see what happens.

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Been left it alone and couldnt deal with the high e2 i uad to get back on it to feel at least kinda normal when my e2 passes 30 i get crazy anxiety its like clockwork for me. And as i have low shbg i have higher free test and e2 numbers.

You may need to get used to higher e2. It takes some time to get good with it higher.

There was a time when i was taking 200mg a week and my e2 was in the 60s and i was like that for a while needles to say i never felt good.

My E2 is usually in the 60’s. I feel great.

Your dose is clearly too high.

Yeah i just brought it down to 10mg daily will cut the ai for 6 weeks to see were that puts me at. Also trying ro lean down to 15% body fat to see if that helps im currently at 19%.

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