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145lbs, 5'8, 15M Skinnyfat & Nutrition Advice

Hey guys! As the title says I’m 145lbs and kinda skinnyfat and would like some nutrition advice. I left a pic below and eat roughly 2000 cals a day of stuff my dad makes, which is healthy foods. Basically I’m going to start lifting soon and would like a suggestion if should bulk, cut or maintain ric. Thanks yall!

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What does “healthy foods” look like?

What do you mean by “lifting”?

What are your goals?

Health foods for me are, chicken thighs, riced cauliflower, potatoes, minced turkey meat, Green beans, corn the cob, broccoli, multigrain bread and water

As for lifting, I’m following the Juggernaut program

My goals are to get strong and I guess lose some bodyfat

Well, if thats your goal, then you could start with strength training, that would help in getting strong. Do calculate your calories required, and get your diet in place. Make sure there is enough protein too.

Got it! I’ve heard of things like TDEE and seen those caluactors Online. Are they very reliable?

2000 Calories is going to be close enough for starters. Have you played any sports?

Actually, at age 15 if you are still developing you could be as high as 3000. My 14 year old son is only 100 pounds and needs to get over 2000 a day to grow.

Yes, I play soccer and I sprint

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I edited my post. Based on other family members and your growth rate, do you think you are still getting taller? What shoe size do you have?

Doctor said I had like 2 more years of growing left. and shoes size is 10.5

You actually should need more than 2000 calories at that developmental stage. I would also try to add whole eggs and some red meat. Is that possible?

How many hours a week do you play soccer or run?


Well, I getting surgery soon on my leg but on average before, it was pretty much everyday

At age 14 your growth (rather than size) is the major factor in calories. You could need around 3000. Is you dad at a healthy body weight?

Yes he’s 0ike 6’2, 203lbs

You probably need more activity. 2000 might be too little, but a calorie calculator should help

By Chad Wesley Smith /JTS??

I would start now and do 3-6 weeks just bodyweight -tons of sets of chin ups, push ups, rows etc. lots Different grips. Get or make your own TRX style cables You look totally untrained you need to build up a foundation

Foods you mentioned are all good stuff. x2 with above add eggs.Get some banana/fruit in around your workouts also.

You should train to build strength and muscle. Feel free to eat more. Try to have whole eggs and red meat is fine. Training over the next 4 2-4 years will have a huge impact on your physique.

That sounds good! I’ll planning to do this stuff when I’m post surgery and when PT appointments. My parents are friends with the owner and he’s a really cool guy who’s has a gym with dumbells, barbells and stuff. And let’s me use it but of course he monitors me

Thanks man, I’ll keep all this in mind when I hit the weights

Which Juggernaut program? They do not recommend most of their programs for beginners.

The one by Chad Wesley. I I’m not really a fan of 5rm programs. I like its idea of training in different rep ranges plus I was reccomend it by lots of people