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145 lbs 16 yr Old, Current Progress

Its been two months since i posted here and i was told i still have a long way to go, i switched things up and started an eight week programme, although im not done yet i just wanted to post a few pics and find out from the forum members if there has been any improvement since last time, ill also upload a pic of me eight months ago right before i started training, thanks in advance for all your help

Me before training

Me today

Front relaxed…about two weeks ago


Back relaxed

My stupidity

Eat a lot. Lift. Post pictures in 3 years when there is going to be something to comment on. But you are good on your way.

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Having abs at your weight, is like saying a 250 women has cottage cheese legs.

Lifting is something that takes years/decades/lifetimes to perfect. Don’t set your expectations to high for an 8-week program.

Keep at it for the next several years, read as much as you can about lifting, eat well, rest well, etc…post again in the future.

An eight week program is not going to get you jacked. It looks like you’ve got some noob gains going on, but please do not go thinking that your program is any good or that you will keep gaining at the same rate. Everyone gains muscle easily when they first start out even if the program is shit.

Also I can tell just by looking at you that you’re probably cocky as hell which is not good since you’re still skinny. The bigger you get the smaller your ego will get because you will realize how far you still have to go.