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144 pmol/L, How to Convert to U.S. Standard?

I can’t find a proper converter that even mentions pmol. Was just given lab results in Canada and it says “L” (for low) and I’m at 144 pmol/L of FREE TESTOSTERONE.

What is the value in your more commonly used ng/dl?

You are looking for SI units conversion.


FT is tricky, there are some lab companies that report FT 5-6 times greater than others.

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Okay, so from your link I see:

Testosterone, Free pg/mL 3.47 pmol/L

Therefore, I would take my 144 x 3.47. The number equals 499.68 pg/mL but you guys more commonly use ng/dL. Now what? I have no idea how LOW I really am in comparison to the norm. :frowning:

  • pg/mL (picogram/mL) is typically used to measure FREE test
  • ng/dL (nanogram/decaliter) is typically used to measure Total T
    • picogram is equal to one trillionth of a gram
    • decaliter is equal to one tenth of a liter
  • @KSMan’s link provides to convert from international to gravimetric you divide your # by the factor
  • factor for free testosterone = 3.47
  • 144pmol/L / 3.47 = 41.498559 pg/ml [close enough for government work:wink:]
  • The “normal” gravimetric measure used to quantify FREE Test is pg/mL

Hope that helps.

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I’m a dead man walking at 144pmol… worse than a 100 year old! WTF with my crappy doctor not putting me on the T?

The NHS in my country have a reference range of 8nmol/l. my current testosterone level is 10.1nmol/l and wont treat me for anything just yet sadly. im 26 and mine is as low as yours. Hopefully youll receive some sort of treatment.

Out of curiousity what symptoms are you having and how old are you? Just for comparison on myself as we have similar levels.

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Sorry to hear shaunuk, I can relate and I’m still not over the incredulous fact that a 100 year old man has higher T than me and Canada won’t help me, ridiculous! Anyways, I am 52 years old, feel tired all the time, no drive in real life and none in sex life either. Boners are shit too, takes a lot of work from my wife. LOL At least I still have my sense of humour…sigh.

Thats OK. And I’m in the same boat mine is lower than average of a 100 year old man too and I’m 26 years old. My doctor is clueless, referred me to an endo that then asked for most tests to be done before I see them and awaiting my results. I habe the same symptoms, weather I have 4 hours or 12 hours sleep I’m still looking energy and constantly tired so I supplement with green tea extract at the minute to help with that. As for libido, I cant have sex twice in the same 24 hours as I struggle to get an erection the first time round and after a few minutes it loses its hardness. I’m laughing about it with friends too but just wish they’d see me for what it is and treat it.

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My free test 2 months ago was 83 pmol/L

Total test was 4.4 I think.

It definitely sucks so I feel your pain. Canada seems to be the same as Australia. Decades behind normal medicines and probably uses a similar shitty socialized system we use. I have private cover and even that doesnt mean shit here.

If doctors arent playing ball Id honestly go underground and buy pharma grade gear and follow a TRT protocol as outlined here. 10 ml of test cyp would last you 20 weeks. Anastrozole isnt overly expensive but HCG could be… only other thing you would need is private blood testing dont know if Canada does that

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Hey tj, you say 10 ml of test. I see that the protocal calls for:

TRT: Protocol for Injections

100mg test cypionate or ethanate injected per week with two or more injections per week.
250iu hCG SC EOD [every other day]
1.0mg Arimidex/anastrozole per week in divided doses.

Does the math work out with yours?

I’m thinking doing the underground lab and follow a protocol too if I can’t get anywhere. Test cypionate 10ml 200mg is round £35, hcg 5000ui is £25 and not sure how many but anazstrzole is £20. Far as I’m aware that’s £80 and would last 2 months ish.

Most test cyp is dosed at 200 mg per 1 ml.

So 100 mg per week is 0.5 ml.

So yeah a 10 ml vial would last you 20 weeks…i dont know what this site is like at dropping sources. Probably against the rules so ill refrain but there is affordable stuff out there and unfortunately some people got to go that route when doctors are bad

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