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140 kgs to 80 kgs. Still Fat. Help!


Guide me! What I need to do/take in order to get shredded and avoid surgery?

Ask me ANYTHING you need to know and i’ll answer it.


Are you really still fat or do you just have loose skin. That’s a pretty big drop.


My goal is to cut at a body fat precentage where the skin is paper thin (8% I think) and then lean bulk to fill the skin with muscles. Then cut again and if there is still an excessive amount of loose skin, I will have the surgery. Is it achievable?


I don’t really have much advice to offer related to your goals. Skin elasticity is its own monster and I know a lot of guys that drop considerable amounts of weight have issues there. I don’t know if that is you or not.

That picture, though, For the love of God, never post a picture like that again…



Dude, the only way that picture would’ve been less helpful in showing your shape is if you left your shirt down. Not even gonna mention the super uncomfortable POV angle.

Anyway, what did you do to drop all that weight in the first place? Super low calories? Good diet and exercise? Tons of running? If you weren’t lifting with a decent plan, odds are you didn’t build muscle along the way, which is why you’re not happy with your current state.

Your profile pic doesn’t actually look half bad. How recent is that pic?

Again, you want to be building muscle the whole time, not “just” when you decide to lean bulk (which, by the way, usually isn’t a good idea for formerly fat guys).


Not to harp on the picture quality, but I can’t tell your age. Loose skin will regain its elasticity with time if you are still young. It takes a while, but it can come back - keep it hydrated, aloe vera is good. I’ve lost some weight and my skin is slowly tightening up but I am over fifty, so be patient.


for such a big drop in weight thats realy nothing in terms of loose skin. If want to get shredded/paper thin skin try this…

(and obviously eat very clean)