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14 Yrs Old, Low Back Pain w/ Squats

Hey, I was squatting today, high-bar olympic style, and when I had finished my first work set I got a very bad pain in my lower pain. I filmed the set and my back was not rounded at all, pretty much textbook form for that style of squat.

What should I do to get rid of the pain? Are there any exercises, other than reverse-hypers, that would be good to re-hab my back?

I’m only 14 if that makes any difference.

post the video.

if you want some good leg development you can do some single leg work.

Try a low bar position and work on your abdominals with weighted abdominal movements

A rounded back isn’t the only thing you should look for- back angle is another important factor for olympic squats. It would be helpful if you posted the video.

Here’s the video. On second review my form isn’t so great towards the end. I probably should have stopped at at the 4th, 5th rep.

Video doesn’t seem to be appearing, it’s in my profile though. It’s labeled 90kg x 6. It should be the third video.

You should have stopped on three. You cut depth on 4th onward. if doing smooth Ol you go lower and then use the power of the leg hip drive to push you through the sticking point. You are kind of cutting bottom on your sticking point and then your back is making subtle adjustments to help your hips drive upwards.

When I did Ol my best training squats were around 10-20 kgs less than my best for 5. In other words months of smoothly squatting down driving hard up was better than pushing up my max set by trying max weights.

Be patient.

Oh yeah who is the guy in your avatar and when was that photo taken…

[quote]GMH454 wrote:
Oh yeah who is the guy in your avatar and when was that photo taken…[/quote]

That’s Le Maosheng during his clean pull. That was taken in either 2000 or 2002, I’m not sure.

it looks like your butt came under ur back at the bottom.

your lower back rounded significantly on the 5th and 6th reps. go get it checked out if that pain doesn’t go away soon.


squat low bar :slight_smile:

when I squat high bar my lower back doesn’t feel good, and my form is text book…

low bar, no problems at all and no more good morning the weight up when you strain, no more struggling to maintain form in higher rep sets. With low bar, you fail a rep because your not strong enough, with high bar, you can fail because your form wasn’t quite right. Much easier to maintain form and start tight/arched with low bar

depends on your build though. But I squatted high bar for years, but as I got stronger, you get to a point where the weight starts to really put a lot of shear on your back and knees.

Plus you’ll get much better glute, hamstring and erector strength and development from low bar full squats. Less quads though, which is a good thing IMO

You also ahve some butt wink when squatting at the bottom, tight glutes/posterior chain, foam roll and release them

Thanks for the help guys. I’ll try out low-bar on Sunday and see what my back says then. If my lower back still hurts, to the doctor I go.