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14 Yr. Old Basketball Player. 6' 1, 160


i know im really skinny but i have 5 practices a week so its hard to gain any muscle so i would appreciate if you told me what to do ....


back shot




+2 b/c you need to eat twice what you think you need.


i try but i cant eat that much and i lift just to play better ball i play point guard but im just 14 so im pretty tall but i cant get a rebound because im weak


You are 14. You will stunt your growth if you don't give your body adequate nutrition. I am talking about muscle growth and bone growth.

Make it your business to get more food in your body. Talk to your parents about buying a little more food (maybe an extra carton of eggs or a few extra gallons of milk).

You have plenty of time to gain a lot of weight (which you will eventually need to do) but right now just focus on gaining a little weight every month. Make sure you are gaining at least some weight so you know your body is getting enough calories.

In the future, don't put pictures of yourself in the rating forum when you have no pysique to rate. There are more appropriate forums for your questions. Try the beginner forum.


Before this topic gets beaten to death
You DO NOT have to eat 6 times a day. Doing so may well be impossible for a high school student. Make sure you eat a very big breakfast with a lot of carbs and a lot of protein. Pack your own lunch and eat a school lunch as well. Have a small meal/snack before practice if you can (maybe a protein shake or bar). Then have a huge dinner. Overall calories is far more important than when you get the calories. I know a few people that only eat twice a day. They grow fine becuase the two meals they eat are enormous. Eating 6-7 times is easier on your body but if you don't have time for 6 separate meals make sure the 2-4 meals you can eat are big enough.


It sounds like you know what you need to do. If you have trouble eating nore why not start by slowing increasing the size of your meals. Start with increasing brakfast, then in a week add in a 10am meal, then increase the size of your lunch and so on. Eventually you will get so you can eat 6-8 proper muscle building meals a day.

I would invest some time and read the ntire nutrition section of this website. Pick a diet designed to put on weight and roll with it. Making excuses isn't going to win you any rebounds. I'm sure Ben Wallace or Michael Jordon didn't make excuses when they were growing up.


OP has been a member of this site since he was 12...


Uh...at 14, do your parents know you're posting shirtless pictures of your physique on a website???


Who are these parents who are letting their 12-14 year old kids hang out on T-Nation and post shirtless pics of themselves ?

OP's gonna end up on the NAMBLA site.


I agree with BONEZ217 it was good advice


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Gave you a 2. You're not a fat-ass. Good job.


your only 14 u have plenty of time to grow.. but yeah at the moment u need to eat alot. when i was 14 i weighed 100 pounds at 5'7 ive since then gained 80 pounds.. im by no means big but alot better than where i was at. eat eat eat


Gained over a hundred pounds since i was 14. Now 16. EAT everything and anything.


What bonez said.




there's a lot smarter ways to getting rebounds than just muscling your way in... learn how to read the ball off the rim (where it's going to bounce) and be the first one to the spot, or get crafty and undercut people. Just be the first to the ball, not the strongest one that gets there. Look at guys like Steve Nash & Rashawn Rondo, they're 2 of the weakest & smallest guys on the court yet almost always have double digit rebound figures. It's because they learn to hustle when others aren't, they learn to read the ball & how it bounces better than anyone, and they do the small things right. You don't have to be the strongest, just the smartest.


Note: I played basketball on the UE team last year, and now just do practice squad.


But where does being strong AND smart get you?