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14 YO Swimmer - Am I Doing Enough?

Hi! I am a 14 year old swimmer and for the past 1-2 years I’ve been trying to become fitter. To explain more, my journey first started when I wad chubby 12 year old me. I started running but no dieting and after a solid while I changed schools. I was 13 and I had started doing some swimming, only 2 times a week. I am now 14 and have been swimming 7 times a week(~14k/week+/- Also I swim Monday,tuesday 2x, Wednesday, Thursday 2x, and friday) and I am trying to lose fat and become stronger. I have only been swimming 7/week for 3 weeks now and I can’t see results… Yes, I know I might be sounding impatient but I really need to know.

(Also, just to add a little more context I’d like to note 2 things: I already have quite some muscle, I have almost visible Abs without flexing. I am one of the most athletic people in my grade.)

Do I have to swim/ start working out more? Before I was swimming this much I used to do:
Monday - 30-45 min ab workout on yt
Tuesday - 1hour swimming after school
Wednesday - 30-45(Either ab or back and bicep workout) on yt
Thursday- 1 hour Swimming after school
Compared to what I do know
Monday - Swimming for an hour in the morning(Around 2k)
Tuesday - Morning swimming 1 hour (Around 2k), Afterschool swimming 1 hour(Around 2k)
Wednesday - Swimming for an hour in the morning(Around 2k)
Thursday - Swimming for an hour in the morning(Around 2k), Afterschool swimming 1 hour(Around 2k)
Friday - Morning swimming 1 hour (Around 2k)

My diet:
Breakfast - 2-3 small pieces of dark bread/toast with homemade peanut butter.
After morning swim - Yoghurt/fruit smoothie and a fruit
Lunch - Green salad with some grilled chicken
After Afternoon swimming - Yoghurt/fruit smoothie and a dark bread with: avocado, tomato and a slice of ham.
Dinner - Can range anywhere from lean grilled/oven baked meat, oven baked fish, sandwich or can be anything else.

I was thinking of adding in some ab/bicep/back workouts after school on the days i have morning swimming and how should i change my diet? Let me know what you think :slight_smile:
P.S I am around 165cm(5.4feet) and I weigh around 52.6kg(115lbs)

If this is true, then you are very lean and don’t have any issues with the amount of fat you are carrying. If anything, for a growing boy, you may need higher levels of bodyfat - that diet looks pretty minimal.

I wouldn’t swim 7x/week unless I wanted to compete at a high level or I don’t have better things to do (or there was a girl I was trying to lure into my basement at the swim centre)

Not quite clear is this swimming a competitive thing, or just your preferred excercise?


It’s a bit of both, but i am hoping to start swimming in more events this year and maybe get a scholarship when I am older.

If you have visible abs with out tensing, you don’t need to drop body fat. If anything, you look to be eating a bit light - Distinct lack of carbs. If this is to remain lean, you won’t need to. At 14 years old doing all that swimming you’re just gonna burn off an extra 300-500cals a day. I’d wager you’d see an increase in performance with more good carbs. If nothing else it should facilitate additional muscle growth from the swimming.
This is something posted by Chris the forum Director. As someone who played a good standard or rugby from age 14-17 I wish I’d have had this at my disposal. Just for the nutrition part. Not that I’d have listened.

Good like youngen

Ok. Thats a lot of training/impact on the body so I recommend just do weights once a week. Either of these workouts below is good for learning the main lifts and boosting performance, especially the complexes…

Add 15 mins at the end of abs, band pull aparts and shoulder shoulder stretching /prehab stuff

If you have any decision making on some of the swim workouts you do then get in some sprints/interval sessions in the pool and bodyfat will slice off. Saying that you’re in your prime growing years so eat plenty and get in more vegetables and good fats

You’re 14. Focus on your swimming and school. If you want to start eating more grab a few more snacks and whatnot. If you want to fiddle around in the gym and add a few weight training things on the weekend there’s plenty of articles on this site you can use, but please do not start freaking out about your body, or over analyzing you’re self. You’re young, and still developing.