14 Years Old-Time to Cut or Clean Bulk..

Thanks for all the advice from everyone i do appreciate it and by the way im in grade 10 i skipped kindergarden to grade one when i was moving from toronto to abbotsford.

[quote]matso1236 wrote:
zephead4747 wrote:
Big Aristotle wrote:
Bulk. Get as muscular and strong as possible.

Get so big that you command all the 8th grade pussy at your school.

Get so big that you are a myth at other middle schools.

Get so big that you have the body development to accompany the 21 year old age that your Fake I.D. purports.

Get so strong that you have a shot to make varsity football and not just the freshman team.

BTW, having legs that are in the upper 20’s at your age and squat strength is complete and total bullshit

yes. I squat and dl much more then this guy and I’m in the 26-27" range.

I got 27 inch legs and squat more then this guy too, im 17 though.

16 here.