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14 Years Old-Time to Cut or Clean Bulk..


I'm Relatively new to T-Nation but i want to make it my new home the articles are very informative etc etc but thats not why I made this thread. I ve been puzzled for weeks if i should clean bulk or cut.

My stats
Age : 14
Weight: 167-172
Biceps: 15
forearms: 14
Quads must be high 20s to mid 30s <-- i just took a guess its actually 22-23 didnt mean to cause a spaz
FAvourite bodypart is lats

THe problem i have is i went on vacation last summer at a vascular 155 like thick bicep vien n all that when i came back thanks to crap nutrition i was a sad 145lbs so i had 1 month of summer left and i ate like a mother got up to 165 and my 4 pack was no longer visible.

Since than ive been doing a mix of cardio and lifting and now i basically look like I did at 155 but at 170 same abs biggers legs more chest and rest is the exactly the same but i do less bodyweight excersizes went from 22 chinups to 6-8 my widegrip chins went to 15 to 5

but one advantage i can deadlift alot more i was doing 305 max and now i can do 335 for a few reps. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE PLEASE REPLY im fairly educated on bodybuilding for knowing the fundamentals but i came here to learn just more than the fundamentals so please comments replys guidance whatever you got to offer

My avi is after my first workout coming back from my vacation LAST summer

my big 3 are

340 deadlift
205 Bench
225 atg squat


You're 14, and you should just be hitting your major growth spurts. I would take advantage of that if I was you. You're already fairly lean, so go with a clean bulk, and stop worrying about being super cut for a few years. Don't get fat, but don't be afraid to put on a few pounds of fat. You will never have another chance to gain muscle mass as easily as you can now.


You are doing fine. If you want more knowledge then this book

Practical Programming

Otherwise just focus on increasing your lifts.


Yeah i was told that so much i put on 20 pounds in a month maybe 7 pounds lean muscle. i have a wierd wierd question if im have like hardcore test levels i believe i "fap" 2 3 times a day when i hold for 3 days my lifts go up 20 pounds well its what happened to my deadlift its super hard to hold it but its insane im trying it right now and im stuck on day 1


Don't cut. Bulk up. You are starting young which is awesome, something I wish I did. Take advantage of your age and your hormones and eat eat eat! You are 14...girls still have cooties. You don't need to look cut for them just yet


Nice lifts. Everyone here will be telling you to bulk. When you just feel like you're too chubby to bulk any longer, switch to a cut. Should be a year from now if you do it right. You will be one big strong 15 year old.


Please don't think about cutting. You have the potential to get yourself an outstanding physique...in 5 years.

You are too young to worry about getting shredded. It looks as if you are doing things right. You are lifting heavy and focusing on getting stronger. You cannot get bigger without eating enough food for your body to grow big muscles.

Heaping bowls of oatmeal with 3 scoops of protein and fruit. Large portions of meat, rice or potatoes, and some veggies drenched in olive oil. 6 egg omelets with meat and cheese. At this age you don't even need to worry about eating super clean. Just stay away from blatant crap like cookies and donuts. This shit doesn't do anything but give you fat.


yeah i stopped that crap when i was 13 . Its hard to get to much meat in except turkey and chicken. I 'm of hindu religion restricted to eat beef and pork . Brown rice is a favourite i just add 3-4 eggs to my shakes 2-3 times a day but I was thinking lots of more cardio still leaving heavy and switching my lean gainer to an isolate protein?


I forgot to mention I have a naturally very very small waist 28-30 inch ive kept while i went from 130 to 170 could be use of some advantage?



"fapping" and lifting is kinda like carbs and lifting. Try to save it for post workout.

but if you lifts go up, you might benefit from anabolic diet "fapping", none during the week and you can "fap" to your hearts content on the weekends.


shit im 17 and you deadlift 100 more pounds than i can.. emberassing


Dont bother cutting at 14 unless your morbidly obese, and you dont appear to be.


Do not cut.


No cut...and how are your legs in the upper 20's with an ATG of 225 kind of hard to beleive their, considering you would be on par with Frank McGrath (First guy who comes to mind with 29inch thights). But, def. get on a mass-gain!


Bulk. Get as muscular and strong as possible.

Get so big that you command all the 8th grade pussy at your school.

Get so big that you are a myth at other middle schools.

Get so big that you have the body development to accompany the 21 year old age that your Fake I.D. purports.

Get so strong that you have a shot to make varsity football and not just the freshman team.

BTW, having legs that are in the upper 20's at your age and squat strength is complete and total bullshit


Bulk, take advantage of your early years


yes. I squat and dl much more then this guy and I'm in the 26-27" range.


I got 27 inch legs and squat more then this guy too, im 17 though.


BULK,like shit ..until Spring and then cut for 3 months,,and be cool for summer...
just my two cents


yeah my leg measurements are wrong just checked i though it low 30s but i measured again and theyre in the low to mid 20s 23-25 my lifts are legit i posted a video on here my second time ever deadlifting i hit 305 and now a month later i can do about 340

im not lieing there would be no point to boast online.and i can hit 225 atg