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14 Year Old Who Does BJJ


I'm not a bodybuilder and i don't expect to have the greatest physique, i really just want to know what muscles i should work improve on and what you guys think. Sorry if the pictures arent the greatest quality, and thank you guys for the insight. Im 156(maybe 157) about 20% bf my bench max is 190lbs
DL- 225lbx5x5
squat-(after dl) 135x5x5, fresh i can get 225lb
preacher curl- 40x3x10
cross body hammer(one hand) 20-30lbx5x5
if theres anything else you need to know feel free to ask.


Once again sorry if the quality sucks


this one felt awkward, my arms suck and dad made me do that one


Bad angle on this but you can still see pretty well


leg shot


last leg shot


You need to work on everything. You don't have nearly enough muscle mass for anyone to be able to say "Bring up your deltoids", for example. Just lift hard, eat a responsible surplus, then work on lowering that body fat.


lol. i knew this would be gold from the title


You're 14 years old bud. Don't sweat it. I wish I'd started lifting and training BJJ when I was your age. Just train hard and eat well, see where you end up in a couple years.



You're still growing and still figuring out how your body works. Get in there, bust your ass in everything that you do and stick with it.


I'm with these guys. Train hard eat, lots of good food and if you're serious about the BJJ spend way more time thinking and working on your game than on your physique. Your school quite possibly has a decent weight lifting program to get you started. Good luck man.


at 12 its hard so 14 you should find the motif. so dont feel bad, look through my pictures and see the scrawny one that was me at 12.


Not that bad for 12, although admittedly lee priest's 12 was more impressive lol. I just wanted to know if im too skinny or fat or god forbid skinny fat, and if there was enough muscle mass. Thanks though!


still middle school, and i cant join weight lifting until sophmore year :frowning:


There are a ton of good programs on this site. Train hard, get stronger, learn more BJJ, no worries brother. You'll be a stud one of these days.