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14 Year Old Weighs 555 Lbs.


Next in the line of child abuse stories is this, a woman charged with neglect for her 14 yr. old son weighing 555 lbs.


Just imagine what he'll look like after he cuts.


God damn. I bet that fat fuck has amazing calves.



I was dumb and thought 555 pounds ripped.
I feel absolutely stupid now.


He's holding water, an ocean's worth.


Dude it's not child abuse, he just fucked up his bulk.


Jesus Christ, another "Should I Bulk or Cut" thread???

In all seriousness, that poor kid.


555...nice round number.


Already been posted before I believe.


The funny thing is, the mom says that if she is convicted, the parents of skinny children need to be convicted.

My wife asked percentage-wise what a skinny kid would have to weigh to be equivalent, and if we assume the average 14 year old weighs 100 pounds, an equivalently skinny child would have to be 21 pounds. 21 fucking pounds! Yet, for some reason there is some sort of debate over whether this woman has hurt her child


I'm pretty sure that the parent's of a child who was starving would be also found to be negligent.

I don't see the point of her argument. Either way, the parent is negligent.


I cannot even fathom how a child could eat that much to make it to 555. That is an average of a 40 lb weight gain per year, of course he didn't eat this much during his earlier years. If the kid should be able to lose the weight with diet, surgery, etc, all the loose skin and mental trauma will be another animal. Just sad.


You have to be able to walk first before you have big calves. Cankles don't count as big calves.


Dude, just shut up. I bet you're some 120 pound skinny-fat geek who sits behind his computer and cuts down everybody who works hard.


Well, with an average fa...I mean weight loss of 20 lbs per run, the kid will need about 20 V-Diet runs to get down to 155 lbs!

He's a cash co...weight...I mean wait, is that too soon?


Poor kid, he's probably not even old enough to have discovered the joy of the manpon yet.


Whhere the hell did that come from?


LOL WTF? Too much Spike maybe?


I believe it was supposed to be funny.


Joke detectors not on?