14 Year Old Needing Program Help

I read alot of guides on this website and i just dont understand most of them the thing is my parents wont let me join a gym because school will start soon and we have one of those machines like a bowflex downstairs in my basement. Can any body help me make a program that can be done on this machine http://www.epinions.com/Wieder_Crossbow_Platinum_Home_Gym/display_~reviews

It is called the Weider Platinum XP800 home gym

By the way i am really looking to focus on the size of my muscles first

Thank you in advance to anybody who helps

most highschools have a weight room reply whether or not ours does. Don’t lie and say no becasue you don’t the jocks :).I don’t like them either but hell. Not all of them are bad… just most of them :slight_smile:

Heh i was working out with the football team before that dont have a problem with jocks : ) i was just wandering if i could do it at home and either way if i could have a good program for my needs

Sure you can get a w/o anything is better then nothing. Id suggest looking at some of Dr. Dardens writings. Many of is and other HIT stuff while not my thing can be done on soloflex etc etc.

work damn hard and you can make progress.

If you can try and gt a barbell and some plates and youd be golden


i tried searching but i couldnt find out any of Dr. Darden’s articles any help ?

Here’s a great mass builder and even if you don’t use it it’s a good read:

also you could do something like I do an upper/lower split. If you’re interessted in my routine it’s pretty damned simple. Lower/Upper/Lower/Upper has given me good results. just ask more questions if you need too.

Thanks zephead4747 that was a great thread it cleared up alot of things : ) also do you think the 30 day mass plan but instead of using his excercies i could use the ones on my machine at home because that has alot of workouts and also if i cant do that could i use a 20 pound dumbell for the workouts instead of a barbell

Thank you everybody for even replying either way

If you have a school gym use it. I would say that just about none of us could design a program for that machine without using/seeing it ourselves. A 20 pound dumbell will by light after just a few sessions if not already. Trust me school gym or getting a barbell is you’re best bet.

Since i was going to do the 30 day plan i think i just need a barbell am i right ? but believe me soon in high school i will use the weight room as long as i find out who the teachers are first : ) its my first year in high school

most schools have weight lifting classes, but most of the time the coaches make you do what they say and fail you if you don’t. Our coach makes all the FB players do what he says, but if your not on the team he doesn’t care what you do aslong as you lift.

I don’t know if you have that class though. Most of the time you get respect from the upper class man for lifting, and if you can out lift people you get even more. Weight rooms help make friends, just make sure you lift then make friends.

^ thanks but i really want to try out the 30 day mass plan i will hit the school gyms later and i was on the football team so i know the weight room but the thing is for the 30 day mass plan do i need to use the supplements and have to have a diet because i am definatly not allowed to take supplements

Hey apb I went through the exact same thing when I was around 14 to 15. I had just started working out with a shitty universal that my pop bought me at a yard sale and spent the summer working out. I made very minimal gains and then the following year i started working out at the high school gym. once again minimal gains. I couldnt figure out what was wrong, i was training like crazy.

Now granted, back then i was clueless when it came to proper training. The following summer i went to penn state for a lacrosse camp and had asked the trainer there what I was doing wrong. He gave me a very very basic training guide line and said something I’ll never forget. “You can do this 4 times a day forever but it wont do shit if you don’t do one thing…Eat. Eat like crazy.” So I did.

At that age metabolism is so fast, faster if you’re training so you’re body works against you when it comes to gaining size. So apb, the best advice I can give you is to eat like an animal. 6 meals a day. especially after a workout, eat until your full. I gained 15 lbs that summer and it’s all because i ate a few more things a day and I could of been doing a program of shoveling snow every day. wouldnt of made a difference. If you eat, you WILL grow.


gregbeast is right. i got into lifting at 14, 8th grade. I was maybe just over 100lbs, i didn’t like eatting, i skipped breakfest, ate very little lunch and ate very little dinner. Nothing came of the lifting. Then i got some common sense knocked into me and i’m 150lbs and gaining and still the same height i was when i was in 8th grade and i’m now in 11th, just a whole lot bulkier. You don’t need supps, they aren’t a big deal. Yes, they help, but you can still gain without them, just eat like theres no tomorrow. I do, no size gains yet, but my strength is goin through the roof.

But as long as you eat clean and get enough, your fine without supps and you will still gain. Eat 6 meals a day, but at the 3 main ones, eat till you can not eat no more cause your metabolism really does fight against you and it sucks. It just teaches you the meaning of hardwork though.

Whats the reason you can’t take supps though? Is it cause of your parents?