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14 Year Old Lifter Wants to Know if Weights are Ok


Im 14, weight 156 and ive been doing this for a while, only seriously for a few months, and im not sure about my weights. I want to ask if you guys can tell me if my weights are ok and if not how to up them well.
benches-max of 185(at the end of the workout) but i do 135x3x10 usually
squats- 225x5x5
rows(i dont know the proper type, but its one handed)-45x3x10
standing military press-95x3x10

Any help appreciated, thanks guys!


you're really just asking 2 unanswerable questions here. Nobody can tell you if your weights are 'ok' (whatever that would mean) - nor can they really tell you how to increase them.

The important thing is that you continue to progressively lift more weight in the most efficient way possible, while minimising the risk of injury to or undue stress on the body (as you're focusing on numbers I assume you're training for strength?).


i think you perhaps lack confidence, thats why youre asking about your stats.
get stronger, be consistant. by the time youre 18, you will be beasting!


Immediately stop posting on the internet.

There is way too much information that you arent close to needing.

Find someone in your gym that is big and appears to know what he's doing.

Politely ask for some tips when he isnt busy.


damn, never expected bonez to post on this! This is all really helpful, bonez, i take most of my advice from my dad(his names Null on this site) but i dont really get what you mean by too much information. Caveman, yeah its kind of a confidence issue, I dont cheat on exercises if i can help it and i knock the weight down if i need too. But i really just wanted to know if im at a good place for someone my age and weight.


Hi Kiddo.
Since your 14 I suggest you stick to the basics. Try and learn good form. You wont explode to be as big as me until your about 17-18.
I would suggest this;
Monday; dB presses(5x5), super-set push ups with dips.
Wednesday: squats(5x5) or deadlifts(alternate every 4 weeks), walking lunges, straight leg deadlifts.
Friday: pull ups(5x5), rows, db shoulder presses.

On your non-lifting days Im going to start you on some easy skill training. I want you to learn the Coerver basics. You will need to do this 2-3 times a week, 30 minutes at a time.

Good luck kiddo. Lets do this!
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Void, what he means is that you'll get 1,000,000 conflicting pieces of advise, and ultimately get too bogged down with shear information to decide on ONE good course of action. It's better to find yourself a good (strong) mentor to guide you and teach you how to do things for now. Make sense?




TheBird, thats a really cool program there. Id have to switch up the days, i can only go to the gym Tuesday and Thursday, and i dont have enough weight at home for my squats or deads. Hungry4more, thanks, i just didnt understand, i like to get as much info as possible and decide what to do from there.


TheBird is an example of what Bonez was talking about. i.e. DON'T just listen to every random person on the internet.


Please, you still need to get as big as me.
You're way too cocky for no apparent reason.


x 2. I could only stand 16 seconds of the soccer drill video. Bird did you post in the wrong thread? Useless advice man.

OP, all I have to say is well done on your initiative to ask for advice here. Hope the combination of your Dad and other personal mentors can guide you along.


Come again? What are you on about?
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Thing is, you're too inexperienced to know what will work best for you right now, and at your age the chances of you figuring it out without injuring yourself aren't in your favor...we're just trying to help you get off to the best start possible.


i volunteer to be kid's mentor


Is the bird still posting USELESS and IRRELEVANT advice?


For the most part, yeah....



Listen to him OP. You will bang your 6th grade teacher.


Null and Void? Brilliant!