14 Y/O Wanting to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle

Hi, I got an Iron Gym for my birthday recently, and I’ve decided that I am going to use it to its full potential. I would love to get rid of this 5 foot seven fat 160 pound body of mine and get “ripped.” I’m completely new to bodybuilding, and I don’t really know what I’m doing except for some of the insight my uncle gave me.

I was wondering if doing this workout, and then running for 30 minutes would build muscles all over my body evenly. I want everything to be equal(not a muscular body and fat thighs, but even all around), so if there’s a mistake I’m making, please tell me.If there’s info you need from me, just ask.
Here’s the workout: Iron Gym: Total Body Destruction! - YouTube

Okay then, your goals:
Lose fat, gain muscle, fitness.

What you have:
Iron gym, your body weight

What the iron gym is really, is a pretty good pullup bar for around the home, as it hooks over door frames great, and can support up to 140kg. I’ve abused one for two years, hung gymnastic rings off it, and it’s still hanging in there.

To attain your goals, what you need to be doing is pullups, pushups, running intervals and eating right.


Alternate pushups and Pullups - 5 sets to near failure for both
Then go run 100m x5 with a 10 second rest between runs. Don’t start off sprinting (you’ll need to work up to that) but keep a quick pace - don’t jog basically

Diet: Cut out all processed foods and drink (does a food have 2-3 easily recognizable steps from field to plate? if no, bin it), eat at least 150g of protein a day - easily obtainable from food, and keep below 70g of carbs

The workout shown in the video is just being used to sell the product. I can assure you that guy does other things to train.

thanks, that really explained some of the questions I had :slight_smile: