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14 Y/O Girl Benching 310 lbs


I was shocked that a girl so young could be out benching many male weightlifters!

Here is the link to the video via YouTube:

What do you guys think? Have you seen/heard of the vid before?


Extreme body english and suit, but still.


my thoughts as well, Ive seen her before, it was the extreme arch that I remembered.


Wildly interesting


How is that possible


What is with the cup and the can of pudding?


What an extreme arch and a very wide grip !!


I thought the 245 was the most impressive of the 3 tbh, and that's incredibly impressive for a 14y/o girl.


Short arms trump T levels. hahaha


The fact that he has to push her down to get her into that arch position is scary lol


I agree. I don't see how they can use that tuna can and call it a good lift. The extreme arch, wrap & suit are part of the powerlifting sport, but what is up with that tuna can?


It was a can of pudding, better yet a can of MHP pudding her sponser it seems. I guess theyre after a certain market, 14yr female PLers LOL. Anyway it was part of a marketing deal why the pudding.


Idgaf who says what...she is from Russia and her name is igor


Everything that is wrong with PL is in that video.




14 year old female benching 245 raw is great. thats more than most boys in varsity football.


shes on something



she looks more like the O Rly bird. lol


Russian Power Comrades!