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14 y/o benching 370+

My uncle was telling me today that one of his grandsons, who is 14, can bench over 370. Is there any records of someone that young doing that much? or has anyone ever heard of such a feat? I myself find it very hard to believe… (I will never see the kid, as they live across the country and thus cannot ask him to perform it for me).

I think Anthony Clark may have done something like that. I think he was the first teen to bence 500.

Holy shit. How big is he? I benched like 165 @ 140lbs bodyweight at that time!

I wish I could remember where in the archives, but Don Alessi answers a question from someone where he explains how one can figure out the upper limit of what they could bench at a certain bodyweight…I think, I’ll have to try and find that…

It’s possible. I’ve seen some teenagers bench over 400 before. But one thing I’ve noticed over the years when someone hears you powerlift or bench is there is always someone benching or lifting more. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “yeah I know a guy at work that benches 500 lbs.” or “my nephew can bench 600 lbs”. They feel the need to top whatever number you just gave them. Makes them feel better I guess to show you that you’re not as strong as you think you are. Must be because they’re intimidated or something.

Maybe he meant 270, my dad once told someone I benched 350 when I was only getting 250. Honest mistake. now he someimes tells people I bench 500, and that’s what I squat.

I once saw this special on The Rock. When they interviewed his highschool coach it was mentioned that Rock could bench 400lbs at 16 or 17. Which is considered extraordinary. There are some big kids with good genetics out there.

There were also skinny powerlifters in history who squatted over 300 while weighting at just 100 and change. Good cell density and neuro-pathways?Strength of the crazy? Ape-sh%t power? Whatever… but sometimes you just see one of those and think, “Fudge, why not me?”.

My 14 year old weighs 145 and benches 215, the important question is how much does the kid weigh, it’s still an impressive number, but if he weighs 300 lbs, not as impressive.

You may want to contact a man in California named Dale Harder. Has produced a huge volume called “Strenght and Speed” or something to that effect. Records for every event you can imagine, from hip lifts to Romanian Cask Lifting. If its been done, he’ll know…

I highly doubt this bench number, but hard to say you never know. But this seems just preposterous, although if he weighed over 300 it would be more believable. I heard my girlfriend’s cousin benched 450 from her grandparents, then I met the guy and he benched 350, people always add 100 pounds to people’s lifts when they have no idea about powerlifting becaus ethey feel something like 500 is so high it might as well be 600.

I believe the article snippdawg was referring to was this Q&A: